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Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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Jorge  Quintero
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10 Reviews (90% Positive)

CBR Studios LLC
Cbr studios llc • 1 month ago.

Jorge was prompt and easy to work with, would rent to him again! Thank you

Owns DJI Ronin 2 Universal Mount Plate

Newscast Creative
Newscast creative • 3 months ago.

Great renter, would rent to Jorge again without question!

Owns Custom Vehicle Rig for Jorge

Image Engine
Image engine • 8 months ago.

Didn't know how to use the equipment properly and damaged it in the process. Payment was requested for the damage and its been nearly two months and he still hasn't paid.

Owns Flowcine Black Arm

Peterson Dor
Peterson dor • 1 years ago.

It was a great time working with Jorge during this rental, he's definitely a go to guy. He was on time and good about everything. Will definitely rent again!

Rented Ursa Mini 4.6k Kit 2TBs Lenses,Wireless Focus, Shoulder Rig

The Timelapse  Group LLC
The timelapse group llc • 1 years ago.

Great Renter. Would do business again!


Tekavolver Media
Tekavolver media • 1 years ago.

Jorge took great care of my gear and made meet-ups very easy. Highly recommend!

Owns DJI Ronin 3-Axis Camera Full Size Gimbal Stabilizer

Henry Arroyo
Henry arroyo • 1 years ago.

Jorge was such an awesome person ! He was extremly helpful with the entire process of renting the equipment and did everything that he could to make things easy for me, especially considering that I was on a tight budget concerning my film shoot. He was understanding and very generous with the package that he supplied, and we had no problem communicating with each other throughout the entire process. I would definitely consider him again as a renter and I had a very pleasurable experience with the whole process.

Rented Ursa Mini 4.6k Kit 2TBs Lenses,Wireless Focus, Shoulder Rig

Anthony Shrout
Anthony shrout • 1 years ago.

Awesome setup. This kit provides everything you need and more for beautiful gimbal footage. Jorge was very accommodating on pick-up and drop-off and giving me a rundown of the components as well as operation tips. I highly recommend this kit.

Rented DJI Osmo Raw w/ X5R camera (12,15,25,45mm) 2 SSD, Focus, Ext

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