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Member Since Sep 2019
Urban Genius Entertaiment
Urban Genius Entertaiment

14 Reviews (100% Positive)

George Gao
George Gao • 5 months ago.
Fantastic renter, smooth communication, highly recommended
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Owns Sony A7s III A7sIII Mirrorless Camera package, Multiple available, Sony A7s...

Tunzini Pictures inc.
Tunzini Pictures inc. • 9 months ago.
Everything was super easy with Jaron. He’s communicative and friendly, which made pick up and drop off go smoothly. He returned my gear all clean and tidy. I’d absolutely trust him with my gear again. Great experience!
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Owns A7S3 KIT : Sony a7s III + DJI Ronin S Gimbal + 24-70 f/2.8 GM zoom lens (1/2)...

Christian Long
Christian Long • 10 months ago.
took care of my gear. communicated well. great renter!
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Owns RED Scarlet-W Dragon 5K KIT W/ SIGMA 18-35/50-100mm & 1TB MEDIA

JB Camera Production & Rentals
Right on Man! Glad to have you coming back for a second round~ Really like how you got a really great attitude, dare I say genius attitude. I have personally hand-picked this great passage as a linkage-heritage to thine great ancestors for plainly simple filmmaking purposes [; The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson The personel of Neferirkara's temple served on a monthly rota, and at the beginning of each thirty-day period the members of staff coming on duty were required to carry out a thorough inspection of the temple and its contents. . . His coffin was painted black to symbolize the earth, while the ceiling of the burial chamber was studded with golden stars against a dark blue background to mimic the night sky. Around the sarcophagus, the walls of the burial chamber were lined with white alabaster, grooved and painted to resemble an enclosure made from a wooden frame and reed matting, representing the type of primitive shrine that the ancient Egyptians believed had existed at the dawn of creation. The whole ensemble was designed to be nothing less than a microcosm of the universe. (Page 86-87) Well, who'd knows how much we'd think about the universe if we didn't have so many neat shows about aliens keeping us entertained at night. Haha! :-)P I hope to stay in touch with ya pen-pal. Stay up on any cool shows that teach how to be a filmmaker and are still entertaining. And let me know if there are any good stories out there, that haven't been done to death. Because it gets harder and harder being a genius, as time gets more urban ;-) sampled things get simplified (-; Don't be no Stranger now, who do you think I am? Albert Camus? Lol. What is the wurld comet coming to-? -Joe 'suP' Lawrence Blackburn (JB Cam P&R; @filmlensaddict - IG)
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Owns RED Raven DSMC2 EF Camera, 480GB Mini-Mag, 2X Batteries, 4.7" LCD, Side...

JB Camera Production & Rentals
Hope theze lenses get the job done and look cine without too much sickness going out there. If I could wave my hand and say you're healed, i would. I mean I can, but it's not gonna do anything, will it? :-)P give it a try, 100x? Ha Lol Hope this gives you somethin' to think about far as the next rental ;-) Dictionary of Chinese Law and Government (Chinese-English) by Phillip R. Bilancia lun - discuss, to talk, to speak (of); discussion. A treatise. lun-cheng-ming - To prove, to demonstrate; proof, demonstration lun-li - Logic; logical. To discuss; reasoning lun-chia - To (set a) price, to discuss the price. lun-tien - A standpoint, a viewpoint. Opinion, assertion. lung-tuan-chih - A Monopoly (Page 435) man-tsu - To satisfy; to be satisfied (with); satisfaction, satisfactory man-yen - To spread, to diffuse; spreading, diffusion; diffusive. man-yen tsai-hai - the spreading of a disaster. mang-mu - Blind; blindly; blindness. A pejorative indicating lack of clear thinking or vision, narrowmindedness and stubbornness. mang-mu-ti - Blind mang-tung-chu-i - Adventurism, putschism, blind activism; adventuristic mao-tun - A contradiction; contradictory; to contradict mao-tun hsing-chih - the nature of a contradiction, contradictory in nature. mao-hsien - To take a risk or chance, to rush into or courty danger, to adventure. (Page 438-439) Feel free to man-yen the word about Me and my mang-mu-ti seeking word-wisdom. I hope it's "man-tsu" -ifying. (-; Lol . The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang (30) - Li - Brightness (Fire/Fire) Initial Nine. Brightness alternates to Traveling (56) - symbolizes an intelligent person who is firm and active but too eager to advance. Unfortunately, at the very beginning of a new situation, it is difficult for one to see the end. In this way, one's steps are confused. Treading with caution, there will be no fault. (Page 259) This is talking about the feeling we have in our feet. Sorta like dancing, we don't know where our feet go. So we don't fault ourselves, at the same time, we are critical. But without fault. Lol (-; Top Nine. Brightness alternates to Abundance (55) - A parable to explain the meaning of this gua, one at this place should be able to see clearly the whole situation of one's realm, like a king. He is firm and strong but kind and gentle, able to undertake an expedition to bring light to the country. The one in this place should also cultivate the virtue and wisdom of a superior person. (Page 260) Now we got the master-clasher dancer here. We just went from a 1 to a 6 in I Ching language. Well a 6 is no 9, but then what is? :-)P Lol..............!? Hope your message about being an Urban Genius only gets heightened by the mass market media, and all the followers talk about your SZHI like it's the ShiY!- -! Hope to hear from Ya:-) - Joey B. (Camera Production & RentalZz(sh')) - [Talk Louder]
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Owns Rokinon Cine EF T/1.5 4-Pack (16, 24, 50 & 85)

Joey Rassool
Joey Rassool • 11 months ago.
very nice to work with and respectful of gear.
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Owns Rokinon Cine Lens Set (EF mount)