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Rent, buy, and sell gear with trusted local creatives.
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Main Features

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Extra Income

Put your gear to work when you're not using it, and get rental profits paid directly to your bank account. Over time, your gear can pay for itself.

Instant Coverage

Instant coverage on every rental, at no cost to the owner. All renters must have verified coverage to rent on ShareGrid.

Verified Renters

Our dedicated security team uses cutting-edge ID verification technology to screen renters, making ShareGrid the safest way to rent out your gear.

Local Networking

Connect with other local creatives, share resources, and help build a stronger, more sustainable creative community.
The power is yours!

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Get early access to the marketplace

Be among the first to list your gear for rent, and claim your Founding Member badge - available for a limited time to new members.


Boost your listings

The Founding Member badge helps your listings rank higher in search results, so renters can find your equipment more quickly.


Build your local production community

Let other members know you're one of the pioneers, helping to build and strengthen local networks of filmmakers, photographers, and creative professionals in your neighborhood.

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What Our Members Say

"ShareGrid is an incredible resource for finding great deals, as well as earning income off of the equipment I already own. It's fused a connection between people and created a community that has been yearning for this type of medium."

Lee PÄ“terkin

"ShareGrid isn’t just giving owners and renters a safe place to find the gear they need, it is bringing filmmakers together and strengthening the film and TV community. When you talk directly to an owner/operator about their gear, you get so much more information than a rental house can give you. That can be a huge difference not only in deciding what gear to use, but how you use it on set."

Mark LaFleur

"ShareGrid makes renting equipment a breeze! Clients are insured, vetted, and payment is handled up front. It eliminates a lot of risks and challenges for local owner-ops looking to make a passive income on their gear."

Doug Betty

"ShareGrid not only has enabled me to earn income from my gear - it has allowed me to meet and network with new people in the photo/video industry in my area, which has led to working together on projects and other opportunities."

Daryl A.
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Share Gear the Right Way

Extra Income

Unlock the hidden value of your equipment by renting it out, and receive payments directly to your bank account. Gear is expensive, so why not let it earn you money when you're not using it? Some items can pay for themselves in just a few rentals.

Instant Coverage

Renters provide coverage for each rental, with multiple instant options available. No more waiting around while your renter gets an insurance quote.  You can rest assured that your gear is protected.

Security and Safety

Trust and safety are our top priorities. Every new member of the community completes our rigorous ID verification process. Our dedicated security team uses cutting-edge technology to monitor activity across the site, helping to resolve issues before they occur.

World-Class Support

Friendly, in-house support team staffed by experienced professionals who understand your equipment. Call us, live chat, or email. We're here to help.

Rent, Sell, or Buy

Itching to upgrade your camera? ShareGrid offers a ready-made marketplace. Sell your used equipment to trusted local creatives, then grab a great deal on your new favorite gear.

Complete Control

You call the shots. Accept or decline rental requests as it suits you. Using your gear yourself? Update listing availability in a few clicks, or use Vacation Mode to block out all your listings while you're away.

Best Rates

Get the lowest rates in town by renting from local creatives and boutique rental houses. Your budget goes further on ShareGrid.

Instant Coverage

No more waiting around for an insurance quote. Choose from multiple instant coverage options at highly competitive rates, or upload your existing rental equipment insurance.

Supreme Selection

Find everything from cinema cameras to C-stands, DSLRs to dollies. Choose from a huge range of listings, including hard-to-find items like vintage lenses and cameras, as well as drones, vehicles and spaces.

World-Class Support

Friendly in-house support team staffed by experienced professionals who understand your shoot. Call us, live chat, or email. We're here to help.

Local Pick-Up and Delivery

Search for gear by location, so you can find what you need nearby, or get it delivered. Connect with local creatives who know their gear inside-out. Talk shop, share tips... some members even end up working together! 

Security and Safety

Trust and safety are our top priorities. Every new member completes our cutting-edge ID verification process. Read reviews, check response rates, and easily find the right person to rent from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list an item?

Listing your items on ShareGrid is free. Have a lot of gear? We even offer a free concierge service to upload your items for you, so all you need to do is send us your gear list. When your item is rented, we charge a 15% Service Fee which covers payment processing, verification, and customer support. Your profit for each rental is are directly deposited into your bank account.

What if I need to use my gear?

You are always in control of rentals. You can accept or decline requests based on what works for you. You can easily set dates that your gear is unavailable, or cancel a rental if plans change.

Is it safe? What if my gear is damaged?

We've developed unique technologies to screen rentals and monitor activity. Every new member of the site completes a multi-faceted ID verification process, and our dedicated security team works tirelessly to protect our members.

Each equipment rental on the site is protected by one of our coverage options, which is paid for by the renter. If there is a claim, our in-house claims team will work with both parties, and guide you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.Trust and safety are our top priorities, and we believe that ShareGrid is the safest way to rent out your gear. We know the risks of renting, buying, and selling online, and we've invested heavily in security to protect our community.

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