Rent: Arri 4 Light kit - 3 650's - 1 750  O-face with Chimera
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Ryan White // Element 7
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3 ARRI Tungsten Light Kit for rent near Seattle

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Brent Barbano

You almost can't live with out this kit. Though it can come in a number of variations, it's a must for just about any indie-shoot. I prefer a 750, 2 650s and 1 300. ARRI tungsten fresnels and even their 1K open-faces, are small enough to fit in just about any interior situation but offer spot/flood controls, scrims and versatile stands to fit your needs.

This kit is a must-have for any budding DP.


Rugged, durable ARRI Lighting Kits help you bring studio quality lighting to portable productions. Available in many versatile combinations, they combine professional fixtures with a wide range of accessories.