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Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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Miles Reyna Gaines
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Cameron Adair
Cameron adair • 2 years ago.

Absolutely horrible. The definition of a 'fuckboy'. A stupid talentless self-absorbed child, complete idiot, and parasitic thief. Amazingly this person and his criminal accessory idiots Nicholas D. Porter, et al. are not dead or in jail. Can't come soon enough.

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Brandon  Riley
Brandon riley • 2 years ago.

Gear was stolen and the renter would not return my calls or texts. Do not rent from Miles.

Owns Sony A7

Charles Bergquist
Charles bergquist • 2 years ago.

Stole the MoVI M15 Kit, terrible renter.

Owns MoVI M15 Basic Kit

Joshua Campbell
Joshua campbell • 2 years ago.

Equipment was stolen.. Ongoing investigation. Do not rent to this user.

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