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Member Since Aug 2016
Freestyle  Cinema Rentals
Freestyle Cinema Rentals Rental House
Prep Space - A large space designed to test and prep gear. Equipped with focus charts, tripod & lighting.
Technician - An experienced individual will be available to aid in the preparation of the equipment, answer technical questions and provide advice.
Guaranteed Backup - In the event an item from your rented gear becomes inoperable regardless of fault, a backup option will be guaranteed at the renters location.

216 Reviews (100% Positive)

Patrick Stroh
Patrick Stroh • 4 days ago.

Fantastic! Super responsive and professional -- experience as great as expected!

Rented Arri Ultra Primes Pick 3 Lens set

Patrick Naughter
Patrick Naughter • 12 days ago.

Great rental experience, thanks!

Rented EasyRig Vario 5 with Flowcine Serene Extension Arm

Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman • 25 days ago.

Always a pleasure, Freestyle provides a great rental!

Rented Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 40mm T2.3

Alec Helm
Alec Helm • 28 days ago.

This is a fantastic rental shop!

Rented Edelkrone Slider Dolly

Benjamin McCloskey
Benjamin McCloskey • 29 days ago.

Great rental experience.

Rented Atlas Lens Co. T2 Orion Series Lens Set - Choose 2

Myles Erfurth
Myles Erfurth • 1 month ago.

Great lenses, great company. Will definitely be bringing them more business.


Drew Anthony
Drew Anthony • 2 months ago.

Excellent staff. Great space. Will come again!

Rented ARRI 1K 1000W Fresnel

Brian Flaccus
Brian Flaccus • 3 months ago.

Great equipment, friendly, and efficient. Highly recommend

Rented Atlas Lens Co. 40mm T2 Orion Anamorphic Prime Lens

JB Camera Production & Rentals

Looking forward to the new year! Hope you are too, everything chex out great ; ) how you have a Merry X - Mas and a nappy new year! Lol. Catch a few Zzzz's for me cuz I'm workin' hard to keep your dreams happenin'

Here's what I mean, just a little bit of storytelling structure that's mutually and interestingly invested,,,. What!? (-: (-;

Art of the Cut by Steve Hullfish (Conversations with Film and TV Editors)

At DaneTracks on the sound of Dogtown and with Riding Giants ..., Stacy would ride around the parking lot, and they'd follow him around, and he'd do grinds, and we'd try to find concrete to grind on and asphalt so we had those sounds to embellish and really give that sense because all of the Super 8mm was MOS.

Foley: The re-creation of sound effects in a recording studio. Footsteps are a common example

MOS: Stands for footage that was captured without sound. There are numerous urban myths about why the acronym MOS means "without sound." My favorite is that a German sound engineer pronounced it "Mitt out sound." (Page 247)

That's a classic, well. Be sure to rent more from me. I can sub you the same deal if you check with me ahead of time. But I'd prefer it if you'd rent the entire movi package, although I've got quite a catalog, and website of lenses I'd shoot a film entirely with at Check it out.

Here's one more for the road! (-;

The House Built on Sand edited by Noretta Koertge

He [Harding] depicts "science and its theories" as "exploitable women" and the scientist as a masculine, manly man to imply his (male) audience that his philosophical "proposal should be appreciated because it replicates gender politics" of a sort they find congenial. (Page 197)

Bacon wants to persuade fellow scholars to study nature systematically by using experimental methods that elicit changes in nature, rather than to study nature by accumulating specimens and observing phenomena passively. (Page 198)

Pretty much, kinda like how we have to persuade people to embrace new shot ideas . (-:

(Continuing House of Sand)

For you have but to hound nature in her wanderings, and you will be able when you like to lead and drive her afterwards to the same place again ...the inquisition of truth is his whole object. (Page 198)

Feel free to reach out regarding matters of the truth, and have a joyous holidays!

-Best, Joey B. [JB Camz P&R]

Owns 4X Ronin 2 / Inspire 2 TB50 Batteries DJI + Charger TB-50 TB-50s

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