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The AJA GEN10 HD/SD/AES Sync Generator with Universal Power Supply is a very cost effective sync generator, providing multi-format tri-level sync, color black sync, 75% color bar sync, and AES tone or silence sync. GEN10 supports up to 1080p/30 NTSC or 1080p/25 PAL and features seven outputs. One is an AES-11 that switches between silence and tone. The remaining six are two groups of independently controlled sync outputs -- one group SD, one HD. The SD outputs can be switched between color black or 75% color bars; and the HD outputs feature tri-level sync and can be switched between 19 different HD formats. All outputs are in sync with each-other and are sourced from an accurate master timebase.

Tech Specs:

• HD tri-level sync

• SD color black or 75% color bars

• Two groups of independently switchable outputs enable simultaneous HD and SD sync

• AES-11 output is switchable between silence and tone

• Multiple outputs can synchronize entire systems without requiring a Sync DA

• 5-18V DC power

• External Dipswitch configuration