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Far reaching, intuitively designed and heavy lifting. The Aluminium Fluid Monopod with 500 Head and 200.5cms reach is a must-have for any professional. Not only does it give you plenty of extra features to make your life on the job easier than ever, it’s also made to last. This video fluid monopod has been crafted from aluminium, making it strong, durable and lightweight. This enables it to support up to 5kg, and it’s light enough to slot into your bag and carry back to the studio, without any hassle.

Smart design touches include a specially adapted 500 video head, so you can get to work knowing you have all the right tools straight away. This expertly designed video fluid monopod also has an ingenious fluid cartridge at the base, so you can pan from one position to the next with complete smooth precision. As well as lifting heavier loads, this capable photo stand can balance even the most awkward gear, like the latest interchangeable lens cameras. Thanks to its wide platform and sliding plate, it can also handle HDSLR bodies with ease. And it reaches up to 200.5cms for overhead shots.

Versatile, durable and practical, setting up and taking this video fluid monopod back to the studio is a breeze. Retractable feet mean you can collapse this nifty stand down when you’re done. It includes a 6.4mm standard fitting, and an easy link 9.5mm connector, giving you flexibility to connect accessories like an external monitor when needed. To set up, simply slot your camera in from the top using the intuitive side lock feature, and tweak or let go with the quick release plate. This function is so secure, there’s no need for a secondary lock, saving you time while you work.