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The Kino Flo BarFly 200D Fluorescent Light Fixture features a 100 - 240V AC built-in ballast that allows you to use it anywhere in the world, as well as 5 - 100% dimming for the fixture's two 55W (not included) lamps. For maximum control and minimum color shift dimming can be combined with each lamp's power control switch. Thanks to superior heat management design both the lamps and the ballast enjoy a long lifetime while reproducing color at an impressive 95 CRI when used with Kino's True Match lamps. Extremely low physical heat also means that you can squeeze the 4.5" deep fixture into places where a hot light can't go without fear of injuring the talent. And the 200D isn't an energy vampire like most hot lights, either. The fixture is brighter than a 500W tungsten soft light while drawing only a single amp of power. The 200D comes with a 90deg. louver (grid) to add directionality and control spill light and a filter frame for light balancing and diffusion.