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Brent Barbano

The DJI Ronin was the most rented item in 2016 for ShareGrid and I'm not surprised. This gimbal can be used with a Sony a7S to a RED, Alexa Mini or Canon C300. Though never as good as a true Steadicam, (sorry DJI), with proper training its pretty damn close. And boy is it affordable. Its a no-brainer investment and it ups your game for music videos, long takes walk-and-talk scenes. I'd highly recommend rigging it with an EZ-Rig in order to not kill your back or arms, but for short takes, a stripped down Ronin will do just fine.

DJI, just like with their drones, is changing the landscape for stabilized camera-work and I'm excited to see where they go from here.


The DJI Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer is an effective handheld camera stabilizer for the filmmaking professional. It accommodates any cinema camera or HDLSR up to 16 pounds. A computer-controlled three-axis gimbal system (preventing side-to-side roll, keeping the horizon level, and tilt and pan) is precise to +/- 0.02 degrees. Movement is detected via an inertial measurement movement and algorithms are deployed that can detect the difference between accidental shake and intentional camera rig movements. When mounted to moving vehicles, the Ronin can stabilize rough motions that rigid couldn't handle. The Ronin sets up quickly, a time-saving feature on set.

What you should know about the Ronin:

1. Auto-tune stability: Using the SmoothTrack Tuning feature, camera orientation will pan and tilt in the direction the gimbal is moved, then reduce compensation speed based on user movement. This feature can be fine-tuned as needed.

2. 2nd operator controls: Remote transmitters let a second operator operate the pan, tilt and roll independent of the camera operator's movement. This way the gimbal operator can focus on gimbal movement while a second operator can concentrate on camera movement. This is also a useful feature when doing drone shoots. A feature-rich bluetooth assistant software aids in remote operation.

3. Quick and easy setup: The Ronin should take less than 5 minutes to set up very important when every second counts on set. No tools are needed for setup or adjustment.

4. 3 operation modes: Upright (eye-level shooting); Underslung (allows camera operator to hold the camera at chest to ground level); Briefcase (slimmer profile, helpful when moving through doors or narrow paths).

5. Automatic configuration: Once you've set up the rig, tap Auto Tune Stability to tune the Ronin to be used. It uses artificial intelligence to adjust parameters based on your camera's weight and adjusts each axis until it finds the optimal setting.