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Dominic Gill
Dominic gill • 20 days ago.

Ronnie was very responsive for pick up and drop off and helpful when we were in an emergent situation on the shoot. However, an unfortunate set of circumstances found the equipment frustrating.

The controller with integral screen was in Chinese AND logged out of the DJI app which we found out when we were already out of wifi turns out Chinese for an English speaker is not intuitive! Sadly this meant the drone work for the shoot was cancelled. Ronnie and a friend however aided over the phone to get the language changed and the machine logged on. After that extra days filming went fairly smoothly, apart from the fact that the controller emits a constance beeping...possibly due to the fact that it is not the original controller for the drone, I'm not sure. Summary? Ronnie is helpful and good value, but CHECK the drone thoroughly before you get out of wifi range in case its in Chinese!!

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Connor Reilly
Connor reilly • 3 months ago.

Worst nightmare. He was extremely rude the entire time dealing with him. He wanted me to return the drone and hour and a half away from the location that I had picked up the drone from him. He knew I was in LA extremely briefly for work and did not have easy access to a car or transportation so traveling for 3 hours was near impossible for me to do in such a time crunch. Unfortunately on set the plastic gimbal protection piece for the drone was broken. This is 100% my responsibility and I have offered numerous times to pay the $17 dollars it cost to get it replaced directly from DJI. Wish things had gone smoother but will never rent from him again. Impossible to work with.

Rented Phantom 4 Pro w/ 4 batteries

Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria
Juan carlos saizarbitoria • 10 months ago.

Ronnie was a nice guy and all went well. I recommend.

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Michael Moore
Michael moore • 10 months ago.

Very nice and responsive!

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Herbert Barraza
Herbert barraza • 10 months ago.

Very understanding.

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Al Domino
Al domino • 11 months ago.

Very professional, easy ton coordinate and very responsive! 5 stars!

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