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Ira Edelman
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Dontrell Washington
Dontrell washington • 3 months ago.

Everything went very smooth with the Rodelink Filmaker kit. Will definitely rent from Ira again. Renting these high quality mics were so useful in situation where I couldn’t use a boom mic. The battery life is also great, each TX/RX holds two AAs and lasted about 2-3 days for 10 hour shoots. Don’t hesitate if you need a wireless kit. Rent these.

Rented RodeLink (1 RX/TX set only)

Point+Shoot, LLC
Point+shoot, llc • 4 months ago.

Ira made the process of renting quality gear super simple and streamlined -- thanks so much, Ira! We look forward to renting from you again soon!

Rented CN-E Prime 50mm

Jacob Caron
Jacob caron • 4 months ago.

smooth and painless as always! Great renter

Rented CN-E Primes Package (35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Basil Mironer
Basil mironer • 4 months ago.

Great owner! Very nice guy and easy to communicate with.

Rented CN-E Primes Package (35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Aric Coppola
Aric coppola • 6 months ago.

Ira was really awesome! Equipment was fantastic and affordable! Look forward to renting from him again soon!

Rented CN-E Prime 50mm

Daniel Zagayer
Daniel zagayer • 6 months ago.

Equipment was is perfect condition. Ira was easy to rent from and very accommodating.


Rented CN-E Prime 50mm

Doug Cheney
Doug cheney • 7 months ago.

Ira is the best. He is always a pleasure, but he really saved me on this last minute request. Thanks Ira!

Rented CN-E Prime 85mm

Jacob Caron
Jacob caron • 8 months ago.

Smooth as silk! A very good renting experience.

Rented Sony F5 Camera