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abraham bascon
Abraham bascon • 2 months ago.

I do not recommend renting to this guy. Everything was fine until he returned the rented items without the carrying case. Not a huge deal except for the fact that it’s somewhere in San Fransisco and he can’t get it.

Now 2 1/2 weeks later I am still trying to get him to reimburse it for me. It’s literally a $30 bag. It’s not so much the money that’s got me frustrated but rather the lack of respect for someone else’s hard earned gear. We are supposed to be a community of creatives that respect and take care of rented gear as if it were our own.

I honestly think I am done renting my gear on this platform. Thank you Fedor for ruining a good thing over such a small item. I do not recommend renting to this guy.

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Mason Bell
Mason bell • 3 months ago.

Great communication and very respectful.

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