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2500 Sprinter G&E Package

2500 Sprinter G&E Package

$800 day
$2,400 week


1-2 Ton G&E Package w/ a 1.2k HMI, LED Tungsten Kit, and some custom Modular Lightmat-style LEDs. Seats can be used for video village or removed for more storage. Deep cell batteries enable on board power. There is also a folding desk. My labor can be negotiated separately. HMI 1x 1200w HMI Par Wide and Narrow Lens 25ft Feeder Cable Magnetic Ballast Tungsten 1x 650w Open-face 1x 750w 26° Leko 1x 200w Fresnel LED 1x Aputure 300d mk2 Fresnel (5500k) 1x Dracast 150 Fresnel (Bi-color) 2x Litepanel Astra 6x (Bi-color) 2x Soft Box 1x Snap Grid Flexable Matt Kit (Bi-color) 4x 10" x 20" Flexible LED Matts 4x Power Supplys 4x Controllers 4x Feeder Cables 1x 2x2 Frame w/ Skirt and Diffusion 3x 1x2 Frame w/ Skirt and Diffusion 8x Astera Titans (Bi-color + RGB) Cable 8x 25ft Stingers 8x 50ft Stingers Stands 10x 40" C-Stands 2x 20" C-Stands 6x 3 Rise Beefy Babies 1x 3 Rise Combo 2x 3 Rise Mini Mombos 2x 3 Rise Hi Rollers 2x 2 Rise Low Boys Baby Hardware 2x Baby Nail on Plate 2x Baby Offset Arm 1x Baby Triple Header 4x Baby Pin Drop Ceiling Scissor Clips 2x Quacker Clamp 2x Chain Vice Grip 2x 2" Matthellini End Jaw 2x Mafer w/ Baby Pin 2x 4" C Clamp w/ Baby Pin 2x 6" C Clamp w/ Baby Pin 4x Pipe clamps w/ Baby Pin Junior Hardware 2x Junior Offset Arms 2x Junior To Baby Pin 2x Junior Grip Head Lollipop 2x Pipe clamps w/ Junior Receiver 1x 8” C Clamp w/ Junior Receiver 2x Grid Clamp w/ Junior Pin (Big Ben) Rigging Hardware 10x #1 Grip Clips 10x #2 Grip Clips 1x 2x4 Wall Spreader 1x 1-1/4" Pipe Boom (Menace Arm) 2x Safety Chain Small Flags & Nets 2x 18″ x 24″ Net Single 2x 18″ x 24″ Net Double 1x 18″ x 24″ Silk 3x 18″ x 24″ Solid 1x 24″ x 36″ Silk 3x 24″ x 36″ Solid 1x 24" x 36" Floppy 1x 24″ x 36″ Flat Gel Frame 1x 24" x 36" Wood cucoloris 1x 24" x 36" Cello cucoloris 1x 18″ x 48″ Floppy Large Flags & Nets 1x 4x4 Full Silk 4x 4x4 Floppies 2x 4x4 Open Frames 1x 4x4’ Wooden Cucoloris Rags 1x 6′ x 6′ Solid 1x 6′ x 6′ Ultrabounce 1x 6' x 6' 1/2 Grid 1x 12′ x 12′ Solid 1x 12′ x 12′ Ultrabounce 1x 12' x 12' 1/2 Grid Overhead Frames 1x Overhead Frame 1″ Square 6′ x 6′ 1x Overhead Frame 1″ Square 12′ x 12′ Sand Bags 10x 20lb Shot Bags 6x 35lb Sand Bags Apple Boxes 4x Apple Box Full 4x 1/2 Apple 4x 1/4 Apple 4x 1/8 Apple Dolly 1x Dana Dolly Kit Jiffy Pipe 2x 4' Jiffy Pipe 1-1/4" 2x 6' Jiffy Pipe 1-1/4" 2x 8' Jiffy Pipe 1-1/4" 2x 12' Jiffy Pipe 1-1/4" Carts 1x Magliner Senior 1x Magliner Junior 1x Rock and Roller R12
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Sam Wilkerson
100% Positive
86% Acceptance Rate

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$800 day
$2,400 week