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Brent Barbano

Whether for timelapses or controlled, real-time dolly moves, Kesslers Motion Control system is amazing. It's a must for precise moves that can be stretched out over hours. Within minutes you can set up a DSLR to capture your timelapse or dolly needs.

We're all one-man-bands nowadays do this is an amazing tool to add to your toolbox that will elevate your game to the next level.


After an incredibly positive response to Second Shooter from filmmakers around the world, we immediately refocused and forged ahead with our continuous goal of innovating motion control gear that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The result, is Second Shooter Plus. Second Shooter Plus is a reimagined counterpart to its predecessor and introduces features and upgrades that stem from thousands of hours in-the-field and requests from an enormous group of talented filmmakers looking to dig deeper into their craft. Kessler has always prided itself on listening and engaging our customers to design and manufacture the best products available and with Second Shooter Plus, we believe we’ve done exactly that.