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Intro to the Modular Design of the Canon C700 FF

The Canon C700 FF, at its most stripped down, has the form factor of a largeish brick. But, as you can imagine, this cumbersome core hides the fact that this camera is supremely buildable, upgradeable, and modular. You can mount a huge number of accessories to it, including (but not limited to)…

Including way more than you see here
Including way more than you see here

Control Panel

The Canon C700 and the C700 FF sport something that I have never seen before on another camera of this caliber - a detachable control panel on the far side of the camera. This panel has full access to menus and settings, as well as the power to start and stop the camera. It can be bolted directly onto the body of the camera, or detached and operated from a short distance away. This can keep camera crews out of each others’ hair - an AC can still have access and control without crowding or interrupting the operator or DP. And if you don’t like that, then use your iPad!


The new EVF-V70 introduced with the Canon C700 FF (but not exclusive to it) is a shining example of why first-party accessories are sometimes the best accessories. Not only does it clock in at a cool 1920x1080 pixels, but Canon have also included an impressive number of controls directly on the EVF for quick access. The proprietary cable connecting it to the body is the same that the C200 and C300 Mark II use for their monitors, meaning it can be moved from your hefty A-camera to your lightweight B-camera and back again with ease. And since this seems to be Canon’s new standard connector, you can rest easy knowing that the new EVF will be very useful to you for a very long time.

Codex Recorder

If you desire high frame rates at higher resolutions, or true uncompressed RAW recording, then you might be interested in purchasing a Codex Recorder for your C700 FF. This recorder adds support for much faster media, as well as a boost to processing power that allows for up to 5.9K RAW at 60fps, or 4K RAW at 72fps. In 2K, the maximum frame rate jumps up to 168fps in RAW. On top of all that, it can still record ProRes or XF-AVC to the CFAST cards you were already using. You wanted post-production workflow flexibility? Pick up the Codex recorder.

What About Third Party Accessories?

ARRI, one of the highest-quality accessory manufacturers in the land, has stepped up to the plate with a plethora of mechanical and mounting accessories for the C700 and C700 FF, most notably custom top plates, handles, and mounting brackets. Add in their existing suite of matteboxes, grips, and follow focus units to build yourself an efficient, well-tooled shooting machine. Zacuto, Wooden Camera, and others are moving on the space as well. They can all do this so easily because the C700 FF is covered head to toe in sockets and screw holes. There is room in abundance for any screw-on accessory you can imagine (or already own). 

In Conclusion

The Canon C700 is a flexible, modifiable brick of a camera that accepts loads and loads of accessories, both first- and third-party.  What you see is NOT what you get. What you get is what you want to get.

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