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How to Operate the DJI Ronin 2 Remote Control

A gimbal is a beautiful thing. It stabilizes your camera and holds it in the exact point in space where you place it. But  it doesn't always turn in the most natural of ways. Of course there are all sorts of settings and algorithms and operating modes designed to guesstimate where you want it to point, but they aren’t terribly adjustable on the go. If you set it to react slowly and smoothly, good luck catching any fast action. That’s where a remote control and a second operator come in. And we haven't even mentioned vehicle and drone shots! 

Step 1 - Bind It

From the touch screen on the back of th e Ronin 2, open the settings menu and select Bind. Then, back on the wireless controller, press C1, C2, and record at the same time. Hold these for a couple seconds until the controller beeps. When the indicator light on the front of the controller turns green again, you have successfully bound it to the Ronin 2.

Step 2 - Tune It

Now that you are connected to the Ronin 2, you have full control over the Pan, Tilt, and Roll of the camera. But more than that, you have control over how much control you have. The three knobs at the top adjust the sensitivity of the Ronin to any movements you make on the joystick. Fiddle around a little bit, and find what sensitivity feels right to you. The best part is that you can adjust this at any time - even in the middle of a shot!

Step 3 (Optional) - Mount It

For some of the more serious operators out there, Cinemilled offers a versatile controller platform that maximizes the usability of the Ronin 2 remote control. The controller sits flush with the large platform to give you a sturdy place to rest your hands (and mount a monitor). If you choose to use this platform or something like this, note that you can simply remap the directionality of the control stick in the Ronin 2 settings. No need to worry about getting your sense of direction twisted up. 

Step 4 - Roll It!

You’ve paired the controller and configured it to your liking. The time has come to start shooting. If your Ronin has control of your camera (via a simple cable like this), then press the red button on your controller and you’re off to the races!