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Can You Use the Sony A7S II For Still Photography?

The short answer? Yes. 

The long(er) answer? Potentially avoid using it for action shots, large portraits, or any work requiring ultra-high resolution and clarity. 

The Sony A7S II has a 12-megapixel sensor, which allows it to use low resolution so each sensor pixel is larger, as well as give a good ISO dynamic range. This means you can achieve better image quality as you work through the sensitivity spectrum and eventually reach the level you desire. However, this 12-megapixel sensor only really works for a still photographer if he or she doesn’t need intense clarity or detail, or doesn’t need to take stills for agencies that oftentimes prefer photos taken with a 24-megapixel sensor. This also means you should avoid printing giant prints, as this 12-megapixel number will begin to show in the lack of sharpness and clarity of the images you print.

Photo by Robert Richarz
Photo by Robert Richarz

The other issue with the camera in regards to still photography comes for action photographers. When in need of continuous focusing (such as one does when taking action photography), its Bionz X camera processor drops down to only 2.5fps, which can hugely affect the number of usable shots.

Does any of this mean you shouldn’t use or own an A7S II? Absolutely not! At the end of the day, it is still wonderful in low light conditions, has an internal 4k video recording system, and is an affordable hybrid camera that can ultimately get you decent photos and great video recordings.

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