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5 Simple Steps to Use the Dual-Pixel Autofocus on the Canon C200

1. Make Sure That Your Lens is Compatible

Generally speaking, most lenses with a USM or STM motor will do the job. For best results though, Canon recommends their Cine-Servo or Compact-Servo lenses like the CN-E 18-80mm. These premium zooms are built with the cinema user in mind, not the still photographer who just needs their autofocus to be fast, motor noise or not. 

2. Activate Continuous Autofocus Mode 

Press the menu button on the back of the camera, scroll over to the Autofocus tab under the camera icon, then set your AF mode to Continuous. This tells the Canon C200 to constantly track what is in focus and what is not. It will do evertything in its power to keep the objects inside the AF Frame in perfect, razor-sharp focus.

3. Turn on Face Priority Mode (Optional) 

With Face Priority active, the C200 will now monitor and track all faces in frame - even the ones it isn’t focusing on. Touch the one you want to lock focus on, or use the joystick to toggle between them.

4. Calibrate the Autofocus Behavior

In the Autofocus menu tab, you will see focus speed adjustments, measured on a scale from 1 to 10. You might select a high speed value like 7 or 8 for action and fast-moving shots, or you might select a low speed value like 3 or 4 for a more subtle, cinematic experience. Or maybe you adjust the focus frame size, or its position. This is where you build the system that works for you. 

5. Assignable Buttons

Many of the autofocus features can be controlled quickly during a shot by assigning them to physical buttons on the camera. Holding the menu button, tap a button you’d like to assign. Popular functions include AF Lock for temporarily disengaging the autofocus, Face AF for changing between Face Priority and Face Only, as well as Tracking for tracking objects throughout the frame in the same manner as the face detection.

6. Zoom in on Your Image to Double-Check the Focus

Press the Magnification button to zoom in, then drag on the touch screen to select the area that you want to inspect. You will likely realize that the dual-pixel autofocus was spot-on all along.