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4 Tips for Shooting Anamorphic on the RED Monstro

The RED Monstro, with its taller VistaVision sensor is great for taking full advantage of anamporphic lenses. In fact, the anamorphic features are some of the few that take advantage of every pixel on the sensor. There are a few different ways to access these features, and all of them will, by default, desqueeze the image on your monitor but capture a squeezed image. 

Option 1

To access standard Anamorphic formats, go to Menu> Settings> Project> Format> Anamorphic, This will automatically desqueeze the image in your monitor as well.

Option 2

If you want a less standard format, you can go to Menu> Settings> Project> Format

Option 3

You can also simply choose a 2:1 resolution option from your main operating screen. This is by far the most flexible option, allowing for fast swapping on the go. 


If you do not choose a 2:1 option, you can still desqueeze in post anyways. Your in-camera previews will be squished, but if your monitor can desqueeze on its own then you'll be fine. Just be aware that the lens will create a 4:3 image in the middle of a 16:9 frame, leaving black bars on either side. 

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