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Useful for documentaries, news, events, and more, the Easyrig Minimax is great for situations which require extensive handheld camera work with cameras weighing from 4.4 to 15.4 pounds. Rather than uncomfortably handholding your camera, supporting the weight with your arms, the Minimax redistributes the weight of your camera setup through the body harness. Taking the weight off your arms lets you hold the camera steady for longer periods of time without fatigue. An added bonus of the Minimax is increased stability in your shots. The support rope, while transferring the weight to the harness, also adds a point of contact, reducing vibrations.

The Minimax model features a redesigned spring system which results in smoother support rope movement with reduced friction. A conical wheel unrolls the rope with increasing force as the rope is unraveled. Additionally, an overload protection system will trip if the maximum weight capacity is exceeded. Another improvement included in the Minimax model is the pivoting upper arm brought down from the Easyrig 3 Cinema model. The pivot allows you to swing the camera to the side, or even have it sit on your shoulder.


• Load Capacity 4.4-15.4 lb / 2-7 kg

• Waist Belt Length: 32-55" / 81-140 cm

• Suspension Line Length 43.3" / 110 cm (fully extended)

• Dimensions Mounted Height: 35.8-39" / 91-99 cm

• Folded Height: 26" / 66 cm

• Folded Width: 12.5" / 32 cm

• Folded Depth: 7.8" / 20 cm

• Weight 7.5 lb / 3.4 kg