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About ShareGrid

Company Quotes

“We built ShareGrid to give artists freedom. To give them access to the tools they need and the financial freedom they desire in order to focus on their craft.”
-Marius Ciocirlan, Co-Founder

“We are in the beginning of this economical shift led by AirBnB and Uber, and we are bound to grow ShareGrid to all types of resource sharing within the creative industry, helping to foster a more sustainable world and give our members financial freedom.”
- Arash Shiva, CEO

“We are the first and only sharing platform that’s been able to offer professional production insurance, covering up to $750,000, instantly. This process typically takes 2-3 days of back and forth with a broker, but thanks to our exclusive insurance technology, we are able to offer instant protection for our members, something that no one else has been able to match.”
- Arash Shiva, CEO

Company Summary

ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer marketplace where creatives and can rent, buy and sell creative gear to other creatives. Launched in in 2015, ShareGrid has seen incredible growth with close to a $600 million in inventory, which, have made owners on average $1000/month and saved renters over 30 - 50% vs. traditional rental options.

The ShareGrid community was crafted by creatives for creatives. ShareGrid was co-founded by Arash Shiva, a serial entrepreneur (and photographer) who sold his previous startup OpenCal to Groupon in 2011, Marius Ciocirlan, an Emmy Award winning animator and former lead product designer at Groupon, and Brent Barbano a Los Angeles-based cinematographer (Local 600) working in the film/tv industry in Los Angeles. The trio sought to create a community where fellow creatives could make supplemental income on their equipment investments and find affordable rental options for their own projects.

Challenges and Key Advantages

One of the biggest challenges has been insurance. Today, insuring a professional rental can take 2-5 business days of back and forth with a broker. Given the outdated nature of the insurance industry, innovating on this process was a must.
ShareGrid formed an exclusive partnership with Athos Insurance ( to build the first and only instant online insurance system for peer-to-peer rentals. Within minutes, you can purchase a competitively priced short term or annual policy with coverage up to $750,000. This has been a key factor in ShareGrid’s fast growth, since it has provided equipment owners with the confidence to join such a new concept. None of the competitors have been able to implement an instant insurance option up to this level.

Key Facts

Rent professional film and camera gear, lighting, vehicles, spaces and even drones from local individuals and companies.
• $600 Million+ of gear listed so far in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago and beyond.
• Rental prices are 30-50% lower vs. traditional rental houses.
• Top owners make an average of $1000/month.
• First and only instant production insurance that covers up to $750,000, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Athos Insurance.
• Production rentals are a $10 billion per year US market.
• Members can connect and network in their local community.
• 52,000+ members signed up so far.
• Headquartered in Seattle, WA - the marketplace is currently available in all of the United States.
• Secure and verified - every member is pre-screened, with bank-level ID and mobile phone verification.

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