Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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XSite Rentals
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Prep Space - A large space designed to test and prep gear. Equipped with focus charts, tripod & lighting.
Technician - An experienced individual will be available to aid in the preparation of the equipment, answer technical questions and provide advice.
Guaranteed Backup - In the event an item from your rented gear becomes inoperable regardless of fault, a backup option will be guaranteed at the renters location.

81 Reviews (100% Positive)

Danny Abel
Danny abel • 4 days ago.

XSite was great! Communicative, efficient and charming. Will definitely rent from them again!

Rented RED DSMC Motion Mount TI Canon (Built in ND)

Steven Craig Smith
Steven craig smith • 4 days ago.

Everything went smoothly. Gear worked perfectly, and I love that everything extra was provided with the kit (A Box, battery plates, etc). It was a little hard to keep track of the gear since the foam in the pelican case was all over the place, but very happy otherwise.

Rented RED Epic-X Dragon DSMC 6K Base EF or PL Rental Package

Chris Blum
Chris blum • 6 days ago.

Amazing person that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. He was super nice and I will definitely will be making XSite Rentals my main rental house.

Rented Predator 4000 Watt Peak/3200 Running 6.5 HP 212cc

Christiann Gilchrist
Christiann gilchrist • 14 days ago.

Amazing product! Highly recommended for effects!

Rented Morris Perfect Storm Box Lightning And Thunder Effects

Joshua Bantay
Joshua bantay • 19 days ago.

I think we all know what's important when renting. When you're in a pinch and need something on the fly, a quick response is golden. XSite, responded instantly and offered other lighting alternatives that was better suited for my budget. Fast and easy, thanks XSite. Definitely one of my new favorite places to rent.

Rented 2 x Fotodiox Pro LED-1024ASL LED-1024ASL, Fotodiox Pro LED-1024ASL...

Amanda Lac
Amanda lac • 20 days ago.

Everything went smoothly. They accommodated me at all times and were very helpful and responsive. Thanks for all the gear, Mike!

Rented Lee 4X4 Filter Set

S13 Films
S13 films • 22 days ago.

everything went perfect. good guy to work with. thank you.

Rented Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens

Matt Kirschner
Matt kirschner • 23 days ago.

The equipment was in excellent working condition. The experience was very positive and Micheal was very accommodating and easy to work with.

Rented Sony Alpha a7S II Package with PL and Cooke Lens

Basil Mironer
Basil mironer • 26 days ago.

Great rental!

Rented Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Frame Set ( 4'x4' )