Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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Micah Chase
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4 Reviews (100% Positive)

Tony Colletti
Tony colletti • 20 days ago.

Gear was in perfect condition. Positive Experience.

Rented Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine ED AS IF UMC Lens for Canon EF Mount

Malik Isasis
Malik isasis • 2 years ago.

great. everything went smoothly.

Owns Kiev-16U camera Mir-11M Vega-7-1 Tair-41M Blackmagic MFT

Logan Fulton
Logan fulton • 2 years ago.

Micah is the man! Took good care of my monitor!

Owns Panasonic 17" LCD BT-LH1710WP Director's Monitor

Stephon Litwinczuk
Stephon litwinczuk • 2 years ago.

This was my first time using share grid.com and it won't be the last! I'm super happy that my camera, sitting idly by, could benefit an indy production in LA! Micah communicated excellently and was very professional. Glad to connect with him.

Owns Canon C100 Cinema Camera EF mount w/ 24-105 lens+other lens