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Subtractive Inc.
Subtractive Inc.

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JB Camera Production & Rentals

Thanks for the fun & beautiful rental, you brought everything back timely, and that's great for me. Glad nothing was missing either. Please take this story for the many things to come (-:

Voices in Stone by Ernst Doblhofer

"The Eight Languages of the Boghaz-Keui Inscriptions".-- A title even more astounding that the content of the important article. The eight languages in question obviously included Sumerian and Akkadian--but where were the six others? The texts contained a number of Indian technical words from the field of stud-farming and the training of horses. For the five other languages Forrer reserves a surprise which can be summed up as follows: Hittite is not a Hittite language! (Page 174)

"From the evening I have been convinced that the best ideas come to us while we are walking. I think of a man striding along, his chest thrust slightly forward, placing his heels firmly in the ground, his spinal column receiving electric charges favourable to swift and profitable reflection." - Professor Gelb (Page 181)

Well was that Boghaz!? Or Keui? lol. Here's a little philology from one of the joke-makers jokesters:

The Book of the Dead: Lives of the Justly Famous and the Undeservedly Obscure by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson

Hans Christian Anderson (1805-75) - His forays around Europe meeting the rich and famous did not go down well at home, and he was often abused on the streets of Copenhagen with shouts of: "Look! There's our orangutan who's so famous abroad!" Even his closest friends, the Collin family, would call him "the show-off," and it was said that there was no man in Denmark about whom so many jokes were told. (Page 30)

Ho, boy. I hope that's not me!? But if it was, I'd be like, eh? Whatever. . . Lol. Hey there's this movie called Return of the Living Dead, it reminds me of this passage from the Qu'ran, check it out:

Holy Qur'an by Maulana Muhammad Ali

6:95 - causes the grain and the date-stone to germinate. He brings forth the living from the dead and He is the bringer forth of the dead from the living.

Did I say Return of the Living Dead? I meant Pet Semetary! Lol, not unless you like The Golem do you wanna date-that-stone, that germ isn't attractive. What is a date stone anyway?.? Just someone you go on a date that has noo emotion.? That's a date stone? Lol.

But now I'm keepin' it real with ya. Be ready with whatever life comes at you and be prepared to spice it up!

The Elemental Changes (The Tai Hsuan Ching by Master Yang Hsiung) Translated by Michael Nylan

Jui - No. 14. Penetration

Appraisal 1: The crab skitters side-to-side, lagging Behind the worm in the Yellow Springs.

Fathoming 1: The crab skittering side-to-side Means: His heart is not one.

The problem is not the crab's arrogance (although elsewhere Yang Hsiung inveighs against that attitude); instead, a superfluity of talents (i.e., too many legs) combines with aimless busywork to distract the crab from the most important task at hand.

Appraisal 2: Focus on the One, Then nothing is unattainable.

Fathoming 2: Attainments from focus on the One Mean: His grasp of the Way is sure.

The unlimited achievements that can be attained by anyone in the single-minded pursuit of the Way present a direct contrast to the undirected activity of the crab. (Page 83)

Thanks so much, hope this stays with you long after you've read it:

. . . it is a very silly thing to shut oneself into a wardrobe. (Page 7) of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis - Jo Bizyear and Beyone. . . Camera Prod. R&R

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Emilio Pousa
Emilio Pousa • 5 months ago.

Very communicative, smooth transactions. Would do business with again 👍🏽👍🏽

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Image Brew Production Services

Kyle was great!

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Just Basl Productions
Just Basl Productions • 2 years ago.

Kyle was great. Very responsive and on-time for pickup and delivery. I would definitely rent to him again in the future.

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