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Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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KING FILM USA GROUP Profile shield@2x Rental House
Prep Space - A large space designed to test and prep gear. Equipped with focus charts, tripod & lighting.
Technician - An experienced individual will be available to aid in the preparation of the equipment, answer technical questions and provide advice.
Guaranteed Backup - In the event an item from your rented gear becomes inoperable regardless of fault, a backup option will be guaranteed at the renters location.

594 Reviews (97% Positive)

Brenton Oechsle
Brenton oechsle • 2 days ago.

Solid dude! Rental was extremely smooth

Rented Honda EU 2000i Generator

Paul Phou
Paul phou • 3 days ago.


Rented EasyRig Minimax (4.4 - 15.4lbs)

Fanciful  Fox
Fanciful fox • 4 days ago.

We love King film. Very helpful and easy to work with.

Highly recommend!~

Rented ARRI M18

Fanciful  Fox
Fanciful fox • 4 days ago.

King Film is the best. We will be back again soon!

5 stars!

Rented Combo stand baby/regular(5), C stand(5), Apple Box Family, Sandbags(10), 4x...

FlashBox Films
Flashbox films • 4 days ago.

Thanks for the help!

Rented Easyrig 600N 11-38 LBS

Marcus Majors
Marcus majors • 9 days ago.

Everything was great! Service was good and equipment was exactly what i needed

Rented Arri kits 1x750, 1x300, 2x650

New Sponge LLC
New sponge llc • 9 days ago.

Thanks for the great deal!

Purchased Dana Dolly Protable Kit

Dominic Lopez
Dominic lopez • 11 days ago.

Excellent renter. Everything was as described. Will definitely rent from again.

Rented RED Epic-W Helium 8K S35

Alex Alvga
Alex alvga • 12 days ago.

Everything was perfect! Thanks

Rented 4x 6' Q-LED Crossfade Quasars Lights, 50ft extensioncode, C stand(5), ...

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