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Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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James DeRuvo
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Henry Todd
Henry todd • 2 years ago.

There's something off with, either the camera, or the cards. It's the only camera where frames skip in post, and I can confirm that because I used a 2-cam setup. Always, it was his camera where the frames skipped every once in a while. I can also confirm this because we only used his camera for one weekend. The rest of our shoot (4 more weekends) we had no frames skipping with other renters. It's been causing minor headaches, and definitely takes away visual value. Oh well. We're using Cross-Fading effects to smooth over the look. Just FYI everybody. The problem may be the cards, or the cam.

Rented Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

Matthew Talamantes
Matthew talamantes • 2 years ago.

Everything went smoothly!

Rented Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System

Todd Seligman
Todd seligman • 3 years ago.

James was very fast with his response and very helpful!

Rented Blackmagic Design Video Assist with HDMI and 6G-SDI Recorder

Karin Lee
Karin lee • 3 years ago.

James was great, and the gopro was excellent!

Rented GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

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