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Welcome to ShareGrid! Get $20 off your first rental.

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Ben Meredith
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26 Reviews (100% Positive)

David Sorafine
David sorafine • 4 months ago.

Ben was great to work with. Very professional, quick to communicate, and flexible.

Rented Varicam LT Package

Kaity Williams
Kaity williams • 6 months ago.

Everything went great! Ben was awesome to rent to!

Owns Sachtler cine 7+7

Gonzalo Digenio
Gonzalo digenio • 9 months ago.

Everything went great

Owns 03/28 Music Video

Jamal Jones
Jamal jones • 10 months ago.

Super professional and attentive to your needs. Definitely renting again in the future.

Rented Panasonic VariCam P2 Memory Card - Custom Listing

Ian Duncan
Ian duncan • 10 months ago.

Everything went smoothly. The power supply wasn't quite working properly, which caused some minor issues with charging, but otherwise everything worked perfectly.

Rented Varicam LT Package

Colin Duffy
Colin duffy • 1 years ago.

Love this camera package. Ben is great.

Rented Varicam LT Package

Ryan White
Ryan white • 1 years ago.

Solid renter! Everything was packed nicely and well taken care of! Thank you!

Owns 2 light - 1x1 Genaray 5600k Light Panels kit w/Batteries #1, Sachler Video 18...

Colin Duffy
Colin duffy • 1 years ago.

Worked out great. Gear is in great shape, no issues.

Rented Varicam LT Package

Hai Yao Liang
Hai yao liang • 1 years ago.

Varicam LT is a nice camera. I love it because the color and quality are good for watching.

Rented Varicam LT Package