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Michael Lubin
Michael Lubin • 7 months ago.
Amin was a great renter. Good communication, easy pick up / drop off. Took great care of my gear!
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JB Camera Production & Rentals
Thanks Amin, be sure to stop by and chat for Aminute, lol. Thanks again, hope you worked a little too hard! Lol! (-: Secrets of Breaking into the Film & TV Business It is the story about you and your movie: who you are, why this film (short or feature) is unique, who your storytelling angle is unique, and why this project is different from the zillions of other movies out there that people are trying to get made. That narrative needs to be a page-turner--amazing, honest, savvy, well prepared, and intelligent--if you want people to agree to back your film. (Page 77) Woah! Page 77? That's a lucky chance-by-coincidence, Lol 0 -: Early Latin Theology edited by S.L. Greeslade "Prophets and bishops must not rashly insult kings, if there are no grave sins for which they deserve reproach; but where there are grave sins, the bishop must not spare to correct them by his just remonstrances." Again, "Although kings are above man's laws, they are subject to the punishment of God for their sins." Ubi peccata graviora sunt, pro peccatis suis--this is the mediaeval argument that kings and emperors are subject to the dictation of the Church ratione peccati, since the Church is ultimately responsible to God for the consciences and souls of her children. (Page 180) Kinda like how us filmmakers are responsible for delivering someone else's dream, while still advising against certain creative decisions! Haha (-: Ancient Egypt Edited by David P. Silverman The Tutankhamun curse may be discounted as a mistranslation of a protective spell (Book of the Dead, chapter 151) inscribed on a magic brick from the tomb. However, genuine tomb curses have been found at other sites. Such curses are almost invariably from private tombs; royal tombs were protected by more physical means... If tomb curses only rarely sugges that the deceased might appear to the living, Egyptian literature provides several instances of the "walking dead"... the deceased is placated by reburial and renewed offerings. (Page 146-147) So if zombies come back to life and start dancing in front of the camera. You might've remade Thriller, Amin Jackson. Lol (-: Master Shots by Christopher Kenworthy 7.9 Window of Fear: There are few things as frightening as a face appearing at a window. The problem is that we are so used to seeing frightening faces appear at windows, that the moment we see and empty, dark window, we expect to see a face there. If you want the moment to really shock, you have to give the audience something else to think about. (Page 136) I hope this has given you something else to think about (-; feel free to contact me about anything short of raising the dead! Lol. Your friend, ~ Joey B. (Camera Prod. & Rentalz Prezident) L8ter!
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Jeffrey Horbachewski
Jeffrey Horbachewski • 3 years ago.
Excellent renter! Amin was communicative throughout the rental and took great care of the gear.
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