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Brent Barbano

Rokinon has done an amazing job at capturing the low-budget market with quality lenses. As their "top-of-line" set, the XEEN set is a direct competitor with Zeiss CP.2's and Schneider Xenons. For less than $11,000 they're a great investment rendering a pretty decent picture, clean, accurate coloring and little distortion. They open to a T1.5 which is pretty fast and even wide open, they look pretty great! Here's a great video showing how they hold up against "superior" glass.


Rokinon's Xeen 2 Lenses are built specifically for use as a cinema lenses. They feature an internal focus design, so the lens does not change size while focusing; this minimizes the appearance of breathing when changing focus. Each lens in the set is multi-coated for good contrast, glare prevention, and color-match to a factory standard allowing you to assemble a set over time with minimal color shift. Consistent gear positions and front diameters make lens swaps quick, requiring minimal readjustment.

The 24mm lens provides what is considered a wide-angle of view on full-frame cameras and a tighter angle of view on smaller formats. The 50mm lens provides what is considered a normal angle of view on full-frame cameras and a tighter angle of view on smaller formats. And the 85mm focal length is often chosen for portraits and close-ups. This set of lenses feature a PL mount, which makes them suitable for use with Super35mm-sized sensors and smaller. Optional mount kits may become available, which will allow a certified technician change the mount and allow the lens to be used with full-frame cameras..