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Jose Diaz
Jose diaz • 1 month ago.

Horrible! Victor, once he knew I was interested in renting his lens raised the price from $33 to $44. Victor was aware that I needed the equipment for the weekend. I text him on Saturday, May 5th if I could pick up the lens. Victor responds "I'm out on a dinner. Tomorrow am you can." I lose a day (Saturday) and my shoot is on Sunday. He then cancels the order again and now it's Sunday and I have to request the order again, hours before my shoot. I then get charged a late fee for returning the equipment Monday at 6 PM ($77 late charge) Victor, texts me "what time are thinking about dropping it off?" I never knew I had to drop off the equipment before noon. Meanwhile all this time Victor is communicating with me via different telephone numbers. Not happy at all with the service. I will not use ShareGrid ever again. I am thinking about reporting them to Better Business Bureau.

Here are the different telephone numbers Victor used to communicate with me:



620- 392-4359

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