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Moosehorn Film Rentals
Moosehorn film rentals • 11 days ago.

Amazing renter. Very understanding and returned the gear in perfect condition.

Owns (2) Litegear LiteMat 1 (series 1) w/ 2 c-stands + sandbags

Hanuman Brown-Eagle
Hanuman brown-eagle • 2 months ago.

Excellent renter! Great communication and very punctual! Gear came back exactly as it went out.

Owns LTM 1.2K (1200w) HMI Par w/ Powergems Electronic Ballast #3, Dana Dolly Kit...

Valentina Mabika
Valentina mabika • 2 months ago.

Great experience! Thank you.

Rented Atomos Shogun Inferno 7-in 4K Recorder w/ 2.5tbs of media

Arsenii Savitskii
Arsenii savitskii • 2 months ago.

Everything went smoothly, highly recommend!

Owns Car Mount (Load Capacity (Runnig Position) 20kg/44lb )

Flor De Luz
Flor de luz • 2 months ago.

Smooth operator. Laffrey keeps it pro. Come back anytime.

Owns LW Special = 2 x [Kino Flo 4-ft 4-Bank Kit, Cstand, Sandbag]

JustNeeds2 LLC
Justneeds2 llc • 4 months ago.

Great ShareGridder!!

Owns Magic Gadget Shadow Maker Flicker/Dimmer

Center Wheel
Center wheel • 4 months ago.

Smooth rental

Owns C-Stand w/ Gobo Arm/Head #2

Center Wheel
Center wheel • 4 months ago.

Gear returned just as they were checked out. Flexible with time. Great renter

Owns Astra Bi-Color LED Panel w/ Gold or V-Mount Battery Bracket

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