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Freestyle Filmworks
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Prep Space - A large space designed to test and prep gear. Equipped with focus charts, tripod & lighting.
Technician - An experienced individual will be available to aid in the preparation of the equipment, answer technical questions and provide advice.
Guaranteed Backup - In the event an item from your rented gear becomes inoperable regardless of fault, a backup option will be guaranteed at the renters location.

67 Reviews (100% Positive)

Joseph DeSantis
Joseph desantis • 24 days ago.

Extremely nice and accommodating! Will definitely be renting more from them.

Rented Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime Lens (Set of Two)

Treefort Entertainment
Treefort entertainment • 2 months ago.

Seth and his team were great! Awesome guys - looking forward to working together again in the future.

Owns Camera Tilt / Wedge Plate 0-90 Degrees - or Vertical Video

Enrico Targetti
Enrico targetti • 2 months ago.

All good, thank you!

Rented Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime Lens (Set of Two)

Spartan Cinema
Spartan cinema • 2 months ago.

It was great to meet Seth and Freestyle Filmworks. They are pros and boy, I appreciate good communication skills like theirs. They own great gear themselves and now how to treat others' with the same care. Thanks again!

Owns Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm PL + D-Tap Power Cable

Lerry  Kin
Lerry kin • 3 months ago.

Smooth and easy

Rented Skypanel S60

Charles Liu
Charles liu • 3 months ago.

A very trustworthy rental house with friendly staff. One of my future go-to places. Definitely recommend.

Rented Kowa Anamorphic Your Choice of Two - 40mm, 50mm or 75mm

Amanda Derzy
Amanda derzy • 3 months ago.

Great communication and very easy to work with. My shoot took place in the late afternoon over 60 miles east of their location and they were willing to work with me to arrange an alternate drop-off schedule that worked for both of us. Plus, their prices for this uncommon lens set are at least 20% lower than the lowest rental house quote I received. I was extremely pleased with their lenses and with them as a company and I happily recommend them. 10/10, would rent again!

Rented Kowa Anamorphic Your Choice of Two - 40mm, 50mm or 75mm

Jason Khera
Jason khera • 3 months ago.

The equipment itself was great and the process was super smooth! Would definitely rent again.


Stephen Branagan
Stephen branagan • 4 months ago.

Everything was great. John is a super nice dude!

Rented Astra LED Panel 1x1 Set of 2 with 4 HC Dionics and Charger

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