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Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K S35 Cinema Camera

$300 day
$900 week
Last Updated: Mar 18th 2020


EVA1 is a S35 newcomer in the likes of a Canon C300Mk2 or Sony FS7Mk2 but with better image quality and lighter weight. We use EVA primarily for narrative short films but it's extremely well suited for documentary style shooting as well. If you're looking for a full camera kit, consider our cine package or doc package. As always, we're happy to field questions about the camera or this rental specifically :) What sets it apart: + Lightest weight in class (2.65lbs bare, 4.5lbs as kitted here) + Sharpest image (5.7K supersampled image) + Dual Native ISO (full 14 stops DR at 800 and 2500) + Panasonic V-log color Important internal recording specs: - All recording options are LongGOP - 4K DCI (4096x2160) or UHD 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 30fps - 4K DCI or UHD 8-bit 4:2:0 up to 60fps - 2K DCI (2048x1080) or FHD 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 60fps - 2K DCI or FHD 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 120fps (no sensor crop, but pixel averaged) - 2K DCI or FHD 8-bit 4:2:0 up to 240fps (imposes 4/3" sensor crop) Rental Includes: 1x Panasonic AU-EVA1 cinema camera w/ handgrip, top handle & LCD 2x 128GB SDXC (1hr 50min each at highest quality) 1x Lexar Professional USB 3.0 SD card reader 4x Panasonic 43Wh camera batteries (2-3hr runtime) 1x Panasonic dual battery charger / AC camera power FAQ: Q: Is this the best low-light camera in its class? A: An incredibly adequate low-light camera, it's not "the best". Many EVA owners and reviewers wouldn't want to shoot higher than 5000 ISO, especially if you're not planning to reduce noise in post. That being said, the image being sharper to start leaves some room to reduce noise and maintain incredible IQ. Q: With this kit can I shoot all day? A: For most shoots, this rental should provide enough power to get you through an 8-12hr day of non-stop shooting. Media wise, you can capture between 3hr 40min and 11hr depending on your recording options. Not recommended, but you can also choose to shoot FHD AVCHD and get something like 20hr out of this media without a transfer. Of course, this kit includes a dual battery charger and SD card reader to allow you to shoot to eternity. Q: Can I shoot with PL glass? A: Not currently, but we're considering offering a PL mount option. Write us to let us know that you'd be interested as well :) We currently shoot primarily Nikon glass with dumb lens mount adapters but there is a ton of EF glass for cine or doc purposes as well. Q: Do you have a _____ for EVA? A: We probably do. If you can't find it listed in the doc or cine packages, ask us.
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  • Brand:
  • Model:
    AU-EVA1 Compact 5.7K Super 35mm Cinema Camera
  • Mount:
    Canon EF
  • Replacement Value:

Cancellation Policy

Your card will be charged when the owner accepts your request. Cancel within 2 hours of acceptance and you will receive a full refund. Cancel within 48 hours of the rental start date and you will receive a 50% refund. Cancel within 24 hours of the rental start date and the rental may be non-refundable. Cancellation fees are imposed at owner's discretion.

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$300 day
$900 week
Last Updated: Mar 18th 2020