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Zacuto brought five different engineering companies together to create the Gratical EVF, a new micro OLED electronic viewfinder concept. Electronic viewfinders are a pivotal tool in any filmmakers bag, providing accessibility, stability, focusability, and so much more. Unlike a standard electronic viewfinder, with the Gratical HD EVF, Gratical X EVF, & Gratical Eye EVF you can trust you’re seeing a realistic visualization of your final image. The processing power and sharpness of the Zacuto Gratical electronic viewfinder far surpasses all other EVF units on the market.

Zacuto offers three Gratical EVF options; the Gratical HD, Gratical X & Gratical Eye. All units start with a 5.4 million pixel micro-OLED display, high quality precision optics with a built in diopter, and a powerful FPGA dual core processor. Compare our EVF models to find the one that works best for you.