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Panasonic AG-HVX200A 1/3" 3 CCD P2 HD/DV handheld camcorder are packed with advanced video technologies. The AG-HVX200 is widely praised as a revolutionary professional production tool for an array of applications, from filmmaking through broadcasting.The P2 card's excellent mobility, reliability and instant playback ability were proven in demanding applications in the field, from the one-chance-to-capture-it pressure of the Olympic Games to the extreme weather of the Iditarod in Alaska.Features like the DVCPRO HD codec's high image quality, variable frame rate recording - the first ever in a handheld camcorder - and the HD/SD multi-format with built-in DV tape drive were appreciated by video creators everywhere. The original AG-HVX200 continues to provide new solutions to the production of movies, documentaries, short movie features and more.Now, the P2 handheld camera takes another step forward. The new AG-HVX200A series with its newly-developed CCD raises the signal to noise performance while enhancing the low-light performance of the camera as well. Coupled with a new 30mm wide-angle zoom lens, this new version of the HVX200 addresses even more applications and meets the needs of user with more critical needs.