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Brent Barbano

The MōVI Pro is hands down the best gimbal in the market. Though more expensive than a Ronin, the MōVI Pro's 3-Axis Motorized system is an engineering feat.

They've improved their gimbals by hiding virtually all cables inside the structure. This avoids snagging on any unwanted cable. Plus, freefly has provided you control of all of your RED Cameras via the RED Link Command Protocol. I love that!


MōVI Pro is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime on set. Hot swappable intelligent batteries power the MōVI Pro, camera, and all accessories to keep you shooting all day long... with only one type of batteries to charge. Our versatile Toad in the Hole quick release system has become an industry favorite. One that allows users to quickly shoot on the ground, sky, and all points in between.

MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that is the heart of a filmmaking ecosystem. The MōVI Pro family is adaptable, expandable, and flexible enough to allow users to create production quality content quickly, easily, and repeatedly.

Freefly launched our MIMIC Beta at NAB in 2015, and the industry was amazed by the precise and natural control the technology offered users. MIMIC is at the heart of MōVI Pro and allows users long range bidirectional control of MōVI pointing, settings, camera controls, and real time telemetry.

MōVI Pro features internal wiring to prevent damage/snags during usage. Additionally, we have strain relieved and enclosed all connections to ensure maximum reliability in a variety of weather conditions. Freefly invented the handheld stabilizer, and we have honed our skills even further in creating the MōVI Pro. It features high quality sensors with precise calibration to enable the most demanding of shots (60dB at 1Hz disturbance rejection).