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The 503 is designed to support the latest professional digital video cameras. Particular care has been taken to achieve the best fluid control, the smoothest possible pan and tilt movements and the most customizable performance using a manually adjustable drag variation mechanism. Additionally, the 503 is equipped with a built-in balance spring (set for an ideal load of approx. 2.5 kg) to maintain camera positioning during tilt movements. The 503 head has the best price/performance ratio of any fluid head on the market today. Designed for payloads up to an ample 8kg, its light but positive fluid movement provides exceptionally smooth control, thanks also to its new fine-control drag device, which offers continuous adjustment from nearly 0 drag to maximum. The 503 has a quick-release sliding plate with VHS pin, a single telescopic pan handle and fl at base with 3/8” tripod socket.