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Brent Barbano

Follow focuses are a must for most professional cinematography, but they can be pricey. Just like DJI has done with stabilized footage and aerial footage, they're doing with accessories like this. A great investment for indie-level productions and works great for almost all rigs with Canon, Sony, ARRI, RED etc...


The DJI Focus uses DJI’s expertise in brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also features high torque and a fast reaction speed so you can keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves.

On the ground, the remote control transmits at distances of up to 100m with just 14ms of lag in open space. Attached to an Inspire carrying either the Zenmuse X5 or Zenmuse X5R, it connects directly to the aircraft remote, giving you seamless camera control across your entire flight range.

While cinema lenses feature built-in hard stops, photography lenses do not. On the Focus you can tune the lens to match the end-points of any lens you want to use. Because it uses a brushless motor, the onboard processor knows exactly which position the motor is in, letting you set up in seconds simply by turning the lens to infinite and marking it, then repeating at the other end.

A white marking ring around the focus dial can be swapped out and customized instantly using everything from masking tape to wax pencil for different lenses or projects. A light behind the ring illuminates it from behind ensuring markings are visible even on a dark set.