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Brent Barbano

This Compact Zoom is similar to the Zeiss Compact Primes simply because it covers full frame sensors on cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III, 1D C, the Red Epic Dragon at 6K. They also have interchangeable lens mounts (P, EF, F, MFT, E). These incredible features make this lens and it's siblings unique in the zoom world, as well as future-proof.

The CZ.2 lenses have excellent optical performance, mechanics, and overall design /functionality. No surprises there being that it's a Zeiss.


The ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses deliver great flexibility thanks to interchangeable mounts, allowing them to be used with a wide range of cameras from multiple manufacturers. There is a comprehensive choice of cinema zooms with consistent aperture, good sharpness and contrast, minimal distortion and a look that matches the highest quality cinema primes including ZEISS/ARRI lenses. Affordable, flexible and offering the highest quality, the ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses are an invaluable addition to any film set.

ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses are precision engineered within the tightest possible tolerances. This guarantees you excellent image quality with low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition for sharp, punchy pictures.

The Zeiss 28-80mm T2.9 Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lens with EF Mount is a standard zoom lens that is optimized for motion picture production. The lens offers full-frame (36 x 24 mm) coverage and exhibits no focus shift over the zoom range. The cine-style housing features calibrated focus scales and industry standard gearing for focus, iris and zoom. At 7.72" long and with a weight of 5.5 lb, the 28-80mm is relatively compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for handheld and Steadicam applications. The lens features a built-in lens support post, with 3/8" threading for use with available lens supports.




LENGTH 196 mm (7.72 in)

FRONT DIAMETER 95 mm (3.7 in)


Full-frame (1:1.5, 36 x 24 mm): 25° - 66°

APS-H (1:1.81, 30.2 x 16.7 mm): 21° - 57°

Super 35 (1:1.33, 24.9 x 18.7 mm): 18° - 48°

Normal 35 (1:1.37, 22 x 16 mm): 16° - 43°

APS-C (1:1.50, 22.3 x 14.9 mm): 16° - 43°

MFT (1:1.33, 17.3 x 13 mm): 12° - 34°