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Brent Barbano

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Lomo owner, Mark LaFleur said it best: "High Speed Lomo Anamorphic lenses are some of the rarest lenses in cinema, and they produce very dramatic images. They have a similar look to their standard speed cousins as far as geometry, bokeh and big blue-streak lens flares. How they differ is their huge maximum apertures. It’s hard to keep a moving subject in focus at T1.4 on a 2x anamorphic, but it’s nice to know you have that extra stop if you need it. Shoot at T2.8 or T4 and you get a beautiful clean image with a very usable sweet spot in the center 2/3 of the frame. If you do decide to shoot wide-open you will see images more dramatic than any anamorphic out there with low-contrast, blooming highlights and a smaller sweet spot in the center of the frame. When used properly it creates an amazing effect."


Lomo Round Front 2:1 anamorphics are vintage Russian lenses made in the 1970s and 1980’s.

These lenses produce all the beautiful anamorphic characteristics DPs are looking for including classic oval bokeh and stunning "blue streak" lens flares. These vintage lenses will also give you gorgeous skin tones and when shot wide open, have slightly lower contrast compared to modern glass. Do yourself and your project a favor: don't waste your time with anamorphic lens adapters, blue streak filters or oval-shaped aperture disks. Get the real thing and make your project truly special with visuals only vintage front-anamorphic lenses can give you.

In Lomo Round-Front anamorphic lenses, the anamorphic element is between the spherical assemblies, and focus is controlled by a pair of spherical elements at the very front of the lens. This design produces minimal lens breathing when pulling focus.

The lenses are also relatively compact and light-weight. They can be hand-held no problem especially the 50mm and 75mm.