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Brent Barbano

There is a reason why ARRI has now been the leader in pro digital cinematography with their arsenal of Alexa's, Alexa Mini, Amira and who knows what's in the future.

"At the pinnacle of the Super 35 format ALEXA range is the ALEXA SXT Studio, featuring a quiet, rotating mirror shutter with adjustable shutter angle and an optical viewfinder that provides real-time, high-contrast images. The ALEXA SXT Studio is a direct response to cinematographers’ requests for a camera that perfectly combines cutting-edge digital image acquisition with traditional elements of the film cameras they have known and trusted for generations."

What this means is that it has a global shutter. This is huge for the traditionalist out there who love what a 35mm camera's shutter offers to images, movement and motion-blur. This camera is the digital world's response to that yearning. It's amazing and a must for doing cinematic pieces with a lot of movement. The film Keanu was shot with this camera for that reason. There were a number of action sequences in the film. And when the DP and Director where told they needed to shoot digitally (even though they wanted to shoot film), they compromised on this camera because its the closest looking digital camera to film! In some ways, thanks to its global shutter!