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Michael Lincoln
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Jess Matney... formerly SOFI Camera

Communicated with ease.. on time... and kept the gear in perfect shape. The only thing I could ask is that they keep coming back!

Owns Litegear Litemat 1 BI-color w/ Light Stand

Jess Matney... formerly SOFI Camera

One of the easiet clients to work with! Kept everything in perfect shape and perfectly clean!


New Circuit Films, LLC
New circuit films, llc • 1 years ago.

Everything came back.

Owns (2) C-Stands & (2) Sandbags

New Circuit Films, LLC
New circuit films, llc • 1 years ago.

Ezzy, Breezy, everything came back.

Owns 1x1 Lite-Panel w/Gold (3 Heads)

Jesse Carlson
Jesse carlson • 1 years ago.

No complaints whatsoever. Look forward to renting to Michael again.

Owns Leica R Cine Mod 5-Lens Speed EF Set (24,35,50,80,100)

Devon Armstrong
Devon armstrong • 1 years ago.

Went great! Thanks Michael!

Owns Dana Dolly w/ combo stands and rails

Clay Harrison
Clay harrison • 1 years ago.

Thank for your business! Please come back.

Owns Mathews freedom car mount

CG Rhinehart
Cg rhinehart • 1 years ago.

Michael was communicative, friendly, super easy to arrange pickup and dropoff, and took great care of the equipment. Would definitely rent from again! Thanks!

Owns Canon C300 EF Mount Package w/Lenses, Tripod

Jaime Lewis
Jaime lewis • 2 years ago.

Michael was awesome! Super easy coordination and great interview kit that covered all our needs. Would definitely use again when in LA!

Rented Canon C100 Full Documentary Kit