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7" Atomos Shogun Flame 4K 1080 Recorder (Clients, Operators)

7" Atomos Shogun Flame 4K 1080 Recorder (Clients, Operators)

$36 day
$108 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


The Shogun offers excellent monitor quality. JB Camera's monitors all have screen covers on them, which creates a few bubbles on the screen. - Not to worry, it's to ensure nothing breaks the monitor while on the shoot. - If you want to try and push a little air out of an air bubble, go ahead, be my guest. Just be smooth and should be fine. - Just takes time to get them all. Accessories that come with the Shogun include a cage to mount from all angles. Things such as a Teradek: Or a wireless Follow Focus: Can mount to this body. One additional accessory next to the Shogun bottom left is a V Lock Mount. If you would like to rent batteries from me, you may do so here: Doing V Locks will allow you to power your setup longer. Plus the V Lock power module comes with a P Tap so you could power your Teradek receiver and your Shogun and Wireless Follow Focus all wirelessly!! If you decide to get the V Lock batteries, then you'll still have the Sony batteries that they come with to use. What can you do with the Sony Batteries? The Sony batteries are interchangeable with the Neewer LED lights. So by getting the Shogun, consider if you want 1 or more of these LED lights Comes with a Noga Arm for mounting the monitor. Be sure the mount the monitor so that the weight is tightening the Noga instead of loosening. The Atomos Shogun can be very heavy. Comes with both HDMI and SDI cable, even though SDI is not in the picture. You can feel free to ask for extra. Comes with a Sony battery charger that is made by Atomos that is very fast. Probably charges 1 battery in less than an hour. Comes with two SSD cards to record to -960GB -240GB The SSD Reader has two USB plugs on it. One of them is to transfer at USB 3.0 speeds. That is the one with blue inside it. The other is the power USB. You can transfer without the power plugged in but it takes longer. A lot longer. By recording in Prores 4K, you gain some latitude and extra banding coverage, but also, you will be working with Prores files. And that is a very easy way to edit. 4K prores are so easy to work with that you will probably not even need to make proxies. If you record mp4 on a gh5 or an a7s those mp4 files will slow down your computer more and more. I've experienced it with both cameras. Best solution is to either transcode your files in post, or record them to the Atomos Shogun and save yourself the time of transcoding the files so you can jump right into editing!!!!! Record Log in 4K or HD ProRes/DNxHR from video or raw cameras with the Shogun Flame's HDMI or SDI inputs and thanks to the AtomHDR engine's combination of 10+ stops dynamic range, 1500nit brightness and 10-bit color processing you can monitor the HDR Log with vivid, natural colors. Comes with 4 Sony Batteries, two SSD cards, AC for Shogun, Power for Charger and Pelican case. This monitor also works as a client monitor, and if the bubbles bother them underneath the screen protector, tell them that you are sorry, that is the best that you could do to keep the screen protected. But, it's not annoying in the least. As long as you know it's nothing on the picture and to still check the sensor every so often. You can also push the bubbles out of the side if you try long enough. Just don't overdo it. The Shogun is high resolution and when you go in the HDMI, you can go out through an SDI, which makes this monitor more reliable than most HDMI to SDI converters I've used. Also included is a Hood for the monitor that attaches to the cage. It is a very sturdy design which I enjoy.
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    Shogun Flame 7-in 4K Recorder
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$36 day
$108 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020