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Anamorphic Mimic Flare Vintage Bokeh - Two Lens Selection

Anamorphic Mimic Flare Vintage Bokeh - Two Lens Selection

$29 day
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Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


They are mounted in Canon EF and can be adapted to Panasonic m4/3 and Sony NEX. Let me know if you need adapters. This package includes 2 of the full set of 10 lenses. 16mm f2.8 20mm f3.5 28mm f3.5 37mm f2.8 50mm f1.7 50mm f1.8 58mm f2.0 85mm f2.0 100mm f2.8 135mm f3.5 All of these lenses have been modified by Iron Glass Adapters to flare bluish colors so the lens set leans more to the "suspense, thriller, sci-fi and dramatic horror genres. As well as music videos, documentary and experimental projects will love these lenses. What is anamorphic about these lenses? 1. Bokeh - It is oval shaped when the aperture is wide open. This is due to a laser cut 3d-printed oval shape put in front of the aperture to give the oval shaped bokeh. 2. Flares - These lenses flare horizontally. There is a string in the aperture that creates these flares. It also means that any perfect circles of confusion will have a string going vertically through it. 3. Flare Colours - These lenses interior barrel's are coated a cyan/blue/magenta colour that gives the flares a powerful mega blue. 4. Focus Cogs 5. Declicked Iris The anamorphic disk inside the lens is taking away light. My guess is it's about 3/5 of a stop of light. By doing so, it adds colour. They all have strings going through the oval shaped bokeh and most of them match, but the ones that don't provide a cool effect of their own. 16mm f/2.8 This is a fisheye lens. It's very interesting and provides a unique look when using wide open. 20mm f/3.5 ( I like having the option of this lens. Especially when I shoot music videos, this lens is #1. Nobody has ever made a 20mm anamorphic. As far to my knowledge, anamorphics don't go wider than 32mm, so having a fake of this is something you can't find anywhere else. Pros: -Flares look great!!!! -It is very sharp -Widest Ultra Wide Anamorphic -Great for gimbals -skin tones look great -flares are never overpowering -Godfather of the Anamor-fake's -Did I mention the flares!!! 28mm f/3.5 ( This lens is cool. I don't always use it because it flares a bit darker than the other ones. I still like how sharp it is and how smooth the iris and focus pull is. Pros: -Very Sharp -Flares are Dark Blue (Excellent for sci-fi; match this lens with the 85mm for closest match) -Awesome for gimbals -Very mysterious/archaic look 37mm f/2.8 ( This and the 135mm are my two favorites of the "anamorfakes." This lens has a beautiful softness that allows your focus to appear out of focus yet is very forgiving. It's softness lends itself to a movie shot in the 70s. Pros: -Lens looks gorgeous -Bluish-yellow highlights -Most authentic anamorphic look -Very forgiving to pull focus -Has a beautiful softness -Great skin tones 50mm f/1.8 A great alternative with a different bokeh pattern than the 58mm. 50mm f/1.7 Slightly different colors, bokeh, flares than the 50mm f/1.8 58mm f/2 ( This lens is famous throughout the world for it's swirly bokeh and sharpness. For that reason, this is an excellent lens, although I find it a tad too sharp to pass as a realistic anamorphic look. The sharpness and the flares clash, in my opinion. Some people might love this lens. It's still a classic and especially on a full frame sensor, that's when you'll really see the bokeh swirl the most. Pros: -Swirly bokeh -Beautiful lens -Beautiful skin tones -Great for model photography -Sharp lens -Great flares -Excellent in low light 85mm f/2 ( It flares differently than the others, but pairs nicely with the 28mm. The flares are a bit more intense, which is why I would pair it with the 28mm which has the darker blue flares. Pros -Sharp -Good contrast -Good in low light 100mm f/2.8 This lens feels like a nice, sharp, welcome edition to the anamorphic lineup! 135mm f/3.5 ( This lens flares great! It's another of my favorites. I'd pair this with the 37mm and shoot films all day. It simply looks very cinematic. Pros: -Sharp -Detailed -Flares Great -Dynamite Contrast There you have it. All of these lenses have a 72mm filter thread. You can rent a Variable ND filter here:
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$29 day
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Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020