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RED Raven Camera, Ronin, 18-35, Battery Belt, Gimbal Commander

RED Raven Camera, Ronin, 18-35, Battery Belt, Gimbal Commander

$249 day
$747 week
Last Updated: Jun 1st 2021


Everything that comes with this package includes: Red Raven ($149) - Ronin (Original) ($69) - Thunder Runner V-Gimbal Commander (Support) ($29 / $15 with gimbal) - And an electronic lens of your choice (or vintage lenses below): Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 ($19) - Canon 16-35mm f2.8L ($29) - Canon 24-105mm f4L ($26) - Canon 24-70mm f2.8L ($29) - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ($29) - Other accessories you may want to add on include: 512GB Redmag ($39) - Sachtler Tripod ($39) - Bogen Manfrotto Tripod ($19) - Vinten Tripod with E-Image Head ($19) - Handheld Rig ($49) - Wireless (Tilta) Nucleus M Follow Focus ($49) - Wireless (Tilta) Nucleus Nano Follow Focus ($19) - Extra V-Lock ($19 / $15 with this package) - What you get is: The first Ronin, which holds up to 16 lbs, the Red Raven Dragon 4.5k, Battery belt, 18-35mm Sigma f1.8 wide angle with follow focus ring, RedMag Mini (480GB), two red batteries (V-Lock), Red mini mag reader, Red 4.7" touch monitor, Thunder Runner V-Gimbal Commander for support. I am can help assist you balancing the rig. It is very important that this is balanced properly, otherwise it may not deliver the smooth footage you desire. Everything included will be all you need in camera department to make some stunning shots. Other Red combination packages include: Red Scarlet, Zoom Lens ($119) - Red Scarlet, Handheld Rig, Zoom Lens ($159) - Red Raven, Zoom Lens ($175) - Red Raven, Tripod, Zoom Lens ($189) - Red Epic, Handheld Rig, Zoom Lens ($189) - Red Raven, Handheld Rig, Zoom Lens ($219) - Red Raven, Ronin Original, Ring, Camera Support ($225) - Red Raven, Handheld Rig, Tripod, Sigma 18-35mm ($229) - Red Raven, Tripod, Dana Dolly, Handheld Rig, Mattebox, Zoom Lens, Follow Focus ($269) Red Scarlet, Movi Pro (TB-50/offsets), Ready Rig, Teradek, Follow Focus, Monitor ($319) - Red Epic, Ronin 2, Wireless Follow Focus, Ready Rig, Teradek ($379) - Other Red Cameras (Body and accessories only) include: Red Scarlet-X ($99) - Red Epic-X ($129) - Red Komodo ($195 / $390 for 2X) - Red Helium 8K ($279 1TB / $310 2TB / $339 3TB) - Other lenses you can choose from include (choose 2 or more lenses): Anamorphic Mimic Set (Blue) (EF) ($99) - Anamorphic Mimics Set (Orange) (PL; adaptable to EF) - ($99) - Anamorphic Mimic (Black) (EF) ($29) - Canon FD (EF) ($179) - Helios Set (EF) ($99) - Jupiter Set (EF; Full Frame and Short Flange cameras) ($99) - Kiev-60 Set (PL or EF) ($99) - Mir Set (EF) ($89) - Rokinon Set (EF) ($59) - Zenitar/Zuiko (EF) ($129) - Let me know if you have any further questions! Always happy to help.
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    DSMC2 Raven 4.5K Package
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$249 day
$747 week
Last Updated: Jun 1st 2021