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Sony Alpha a7S II with EF Electronic Metabones Adapter

$65 day
$195 week
Last Updated: Sep 15th 2020


The Sony A7S II is a camera capable of recording 4k resolution for 29 minutes and 59 seconds. Choose from a large option of gammas within the camera that you feel fit your cameras look the best! This package comes with 3 cards and 7 batteries (not 8 like pictured). Attached will be a Canon EF mount made by Viltrox. Test comparisons place it on par with the Metabones EF mount. The camera packages comes with Micro HDMI to HDMI male, Micro HDMI to HDMI female, AC Power for camera, 8 batteries, dual charger, three 64gb cards and an air blower in case dust gets on the sensor. As long as you're only shooting single camera, the biggest question you'll need to ask yourself is are you shooting slog? Why would you shoot in S-Log? S-Log offers the most latitude to color grade a perfect image! Why would you not want to shoot in S-Log? *To understand that you are getting the most latitude from the camera, you also have to understand that that image looks very gray because of that, but, Sony is trusting that you will be able to color it in ways that you wouldn't be able to without S-Log. We should all expect Sony cameras to deliver a very flat image and because of that, a very gray image. Some clients don't want to spend time color grading and if it's entirely lit right, you don't need the extra stops of latitude if you have it all in a controlled setting. Know that when you do shoot in S-Log, it makes your base ISO 1600. This means it can't go lower than 1600 in S-Log. Why does it need to do this? Digital cameras do well in low light, they maintain detail in low light that can be brought back in post. So by pretending that the daylight bright scene is actually a dark scene, the camera is able to gain extra stops of brightness in the highlights. You compensate by cranking the shutter speed, closing the aperture, adding ND filtration, adding negative fill and other silks. What do I tell my clients who are cranky that their image looks really gray? 1. The honest way, tell them the truth: "It's a very simple fix. I simply create a LUT on one clip, then copy and paste it to all of the rest." or 2. Before you mention it to the director or the producer, say you want to talk to the editor and/or colorist about their preference so the director/producer are middleman. This will be a good way to bring it up and the timing could not be better to explain it since they probably don't understand it. 3. If you are shooting and coloring your own work. It is whatever you know it will be. The incredible news I've found about S-Log is that when you shoot in it, you get to color grade, when you don't shoot in it, you have to color correct... meaning fix problems in post if the scene is outdoors on a bright and sunny day. This will help advise the situation along the way. The camera can do slo mo, but only in 1080p. There is no option to do slo mo in 4k. In 1080p, the camera can do 60p full-frame and 120p cropped-frame. My opinion is that 60p full frame looks great as far as resolution. It's very sharp. Slow motion is more like medium motion. 120p cropped-frame doesn't look very good when blown up on a big screen. There is an added element of noise. The camera is essentially punching in 4X and recording 1/4 of it's 4k sensor. 120p looks decent for broadcast purposes. By contrast, the GH5S can record 4K DCI internally at 60p and is also very good in low light. If you're more interested in that, go here: It is always a tough decision to decide between shooting Panasonic or Sony. To me, what it boils down to, is I like the sensor size of the A7SII. So when I'm shooting a project that requires a larger sensor, then I'll take into account that the A7SII provides that over the GH5/GH5S. Having that larger sensor lets me know that the depth of field is going to be shallower and that the image might have a little bit more contrast. I find that the contrast is only true outside of s log, but the reason to shoot in s log is to tell the camera where the base blacks will be at, otherwise in a more contrasty gamut, your base blacks might accidentally clip too low so they can't be brought back without adding a lot of noise. Gotta love Sony for changing the game with their low light. Here are two different monitors that I'd recommend: Atomos Shogun 7" Small HD Lite 7" Definitely get monitors for accurate focus peaking. You never know if your shot is just a bit off with the focus peaking on the camera, it's better to be safe with a monitor.
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    Alpha a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera
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$65 day
$195 week
Last Updated: Sep 15th 2020