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Grip/Electric SprinterVan s60 skypanel, HMI's, 2 ton truck

Grip/Electric SprinterVan s60 skypanel, HMI's, 2 ton truck

$700 day
$2,100 week
Last Updated: Apr 13th 2021


The truck is custom-built. It's been designed so all the gear is accessible and you won't waste time!!!! *You'll also have a Junior Magliner, 4x4 cart, and a c-stands cart. *Please KEEP IN MIND that you'll have to hire one person (DP, Gaffer, Best Boy, Best Boy Grip, or G&E) who will drive the van and work with you. THE PERSON WILL KNOW THE VAN AND WILL HELP YOU SHOOT FAST. *Also there will be mileage charged .75 cents per mile if you go above 50 miles per day (200 per week). *In most cases I do not accept one-day weekend rentals sorry. LIGHTING: HMI's LTM 1.2 HMI Par with magnetic ballast Joker Bug 800 LED 1x Skypanel S60 with chimera Astera AX1 Kit (8 bulbs, astera box, 8" tablet w/ app) 2 x 1'x1' Astra Bi-Color 4x (2 Chimeras and 1 bluetooth) 2 x 4x4 Kino Flo (daylight and tungsten) 2 4x2 Kino Flo (daylight and tungsten) 2 x 2000 Fresnel (baby juniors) 2 x 1 k's Fresnel (407 ) 2 x 650 tweenie Fresnel 2 x inkies (200 watt) 2x Lekos Source 4's with 19, 26, 35 and 50 8 x 50' stingers 8 x 25' stingers GRIP: 12x C-stand (on a cart) 2 x Baby C-stand 6 x Baby Stands 3 x Low boys 4 x 3 rise combos stand 2 x 2 Rise aluminum Combo stands 2 x Medium Rollers 4 x Cartollinis 4 x Mayfers 1 x Baby pipe clamp 2 x Baby base plate 1 x Junior base plate 2 x Junior pipe Clamps 2 x Platypus 1x Norms Pin 1x Chain Vise Grip 6x Lillipop 1x Junior to Baby Receiver 4 x #3 grip clips 10x #2 grip clips 10x #1 grip clips 4 x Safety chains 6 x 20 lbs. Shotbags 10x 25lbs. Sandbags 2 x 35lbs. Sandbags 4 full family of apple boxes 4 step ladder 6 step ladder Cart with: 24x36 2 solids, 2 single net, 2 double, 1 silk 18x24 2 solids, 2 single net, 2 double, 1 silk 5x 4x4 floppies 1x 4x4 unbleached muslin floppy 5x 4x4 frames 2x 4x4 beadboard 2x 2x2 beadboard 2x 1x1 beadboard 2x 42"x 42" shiny reflector 2x 6x6 frame with corners 6x6 Rags: solid, Ultra Bounce, Poly Silk, 1/2 Silent Grid, Silver Lame, 2x 8x8 frame with corners 8x8 Rags: Solid, Unbleached Muslin, Ultra Bounce, 1/2 Silent Grid, Silver Lame 2x 12x12 Frame with corners 12x12 Rags: Solid, Unbleached Muslin, Bleached Muslin Ultra Bounce, Silk, Silver Lame, 1/2 Silent Grid, 1/4 Silent Grid, Highlight, Chroma Green. Crate of Cribbing, Wedges, Douvetine, Rope, Tennis Bals, Practical Tungsten Bulbs, tools, and more. 1x 4 step 1x 6 step 4x furniture pad Dana Dolly with 75mm and 100mm adapters 2x 4', 6', 8' and 10' Speed Rail EXTRAS: M18 Arri Orbiter Aputure Nova 300c Aputure Pro 600D w/ v-mount Litemats Generators and more...
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  • Brand:
    Grip & Electric
  • Model:
    2 Ton Grip Truck
  • Replacement Value:

Cancellation Policy

Your card will be charged when the owner accepts your request. Cancel within 2 hours of acceptance and you will receive a full refund. Cancel within 48 hours of the rental start date and you will receive a 50% refund. Cancel within 24 hours of the rental start date and the rental may be non-refundable. Cancellation fees are imposed at owner's discretion.

Owner Info

Kacper Skowron DBA Skylark Bliss Productions
100% Positive
80% Acceptance Rate

Listing Location

$700 day
$2,100 week
Last Updated: Apr 13th 2021