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LOMO / Cooke Round Front Anamorphics - REHOUSED

LOMO / Cooke Round Front Anamorphics - REHOUSED

$800 day
$2,400 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020


CUSTOM MATTE BOX INCLUDED Check out the film I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW, shot by Reed Morano on Lomo Round Fronts (mainly the 35mm and 50mm). I included screen grabs from that film. It's hard to find too many sets of LOMOs like this anywhere. They are 100% LOMO anamorphic glass with vintage Cooke Speed Panchro primes as the base spherical lenses. They have the same beautiful flares, bokeh, and distortion as traditional LOMO Round Fronts, but they are slightly sharper and have a slightly better T stop than the originals. Our set of LOMOs also have custom made 114mm fronts that work perfectly with our INCLUDED custom Bright Tangerine matte box. The focus scales are also marked in feet (imperial) instead of metric. Lomo Round Front 2x anamorphics are vintage Russian lenses made in the 1970s and 1980s, and they produce all the beautiful anamorphic characteristics filmmakers are looking for. They have beautiful, smooth (never busy) bokeh, and pinpoint highlights are rendered as perfect ovals due to the optical design and the 18 blade irises. In my opinion, they produce the best lens flares of any anamorphic lens, period. They give you stunning deep cyan "blue streak" lens flares. Look at the reference photos I included. Even an iPhone can get the flares to pop, however you can still point the lenses at a bright window and get great results. These vintage lenses are slightly warm and will give you gorgeous skin tones. They have very pleasing barrel distortion especially in the wider lenses. Distortion decreases on the longer lenses. The 35mm has a lot. In Lomo Round-Front anamorphic lenses, the anamorphic element is between the spherical assemblies, and focus is controlled by a pair of spherical elements at the very front of the lens. This design produces minimal lens breathing when pulling focus, lower than pretty much any vintage lenses and less breathing than even modern anamorphic lenses including the new Cooke Anamorphic/i primes. The 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm have almost no breathing, it's minimal in the 50mm and moderate on the 35mm. Also worth noting, all the lenses in the set can be shot wide-open with excellent results. IMPORTANT NOTE: Lomo Round Fronts have very little in common with Lomo Square Fronts. They have completely different optical designs. So if your only experience with Lomos has been with Square Fronts, I really encourage you to check these out. They are incredible. USER TESTIMONIALS: "I love these Lomo Anamorphics. The 35mm is a beast, but they are worth their weight in gold. I’m a big believer in the glass being more important than the camera these days. For how old the lenses are, they are in MINT condition and the glass is pristine. As with all anamorphic lenses, they require a little more work, there are sweet spots and different looks you can get by knowing which lens looks best at what T stop, but this set is tack sharp and offer contrast similar to modern Zeiss lenses when closed down around a T 2.8/4. Sharpness and contrast aside, they have a very very distinct looking bokeh and lens flares that I think are ingrained in our subconscious of what spectacle movies like 'Die Hard' and 'Poltergeist' are supposed to look like. Definitely renting these again and again." - KYLE STRYKER, DP / ShareGrid Member "The shoot was amazing and the lenses were the talk of the set. I really loved it and I got what I imagined. Beautiful flares." - FADI ABUALI, ShareGrid Member "Mark's Lomos are really special lenses. They produce incredible images." - DAVID IVES, ShareGrid Member "Mark's Lomo lenses were absolutely beautiful." - WOODROW THOMSON, ShareGrid Member "Mark's Lomo anamorphics are really special. Incredibly cinematic." - DAVID BOLEN, ShareGrid Member RENTAL INCLUDES 35mm T2.5 - CF: 3' 3" - 142mm OD - 7.64 lbs 50mm T2.3 - CF: 3' 3" - 114mm OD - 4.46 lbs 75mm T2.3 - CF: 3' 3" - 114mm OD - 4.86 lbs 100mm T2.3 - CF: 3' 3" - 114mm OD - 5.88 lbs
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    Round-Front Anamorphic Prime Lens Set
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$800 day
$2,400 week
Last Updated: Mar 19th 2020