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Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm T2 / 45-135mm T3 PL or EF

Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm T2 / 45-135mm T3 PL or EF

$200 day
$600 week
Last Updated: Mar 18th 2020


(Photos are of my actual lens) PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT THESE LENSES IN REGARDS TO SWAPPING THE REAR OPTICS AND/OR SWAPPING THE LENS MOUNTS. Angenieux rewrote the playbook with the EZ zooms. Only the Fujinon Premier 18-85mm T2 covers a similar range at T2, but it costs $100,000 and weighs 15 pounds and doesn't focus as close as the Angenieux. I have been waiting for a Super-35 T2 zoom that covers this range for a long time. This really is the zoom that can replace your primes on many projects. 30-90mm is a great range, and and at T2 it rivals the speed of many primes. As an added bonus the lens can also be configured to be a 45-135mm T3 zoom, which covers ARRI Alexa LF, RED Monster 8K, Sony Venice and other Full Frame cameras. This is possible by swapping out the rear optical group. In either set-up, the lens maintains its amazing 21" close-focus, which is only 15" from the front element! At 135mm that makes the EZ-1 practically a macro. And the icing on the cake, the lens only weighs 4.7 pounds, which makes the lens great for handheld and even gimbal operation. The look is classic Angenieux: sharp but flattering, contrasty, but not clinical, rendering natural colors. The flares are subtle, controlled, and really beautiful. There is no CA even wide-open and like almost all modern Angenieux zooms, extremely well controlled focus breathing: none on the long end and very minimal at the wide end. The bokeh is one of the smoothest and most perfect I have seen, especially wide-open. Stopped down bokeh looks great too thanks to the 9-blade iris which I think is an improvement over the 6-blade iris used in other Angenieux zooms. This lens can be configured in either 30-90mm T2 or 45-135mm T3 in PL or EF mount. Please specify when booking. ANGENIEUX 30-90mm SPECS Maximim Aperture - T2 (f1.9) Close Focus - 21" Front Diameter - 114mm Weight - 4.7 lbs. Coverage - Super-35 (RED Helium 7K, RED Dragon 5.5K Full) ANGENIEUX 45-135mm SPECS Maximim Aperture - T3 (f2.8) Close Focus - 21" Front Diameter - 114mm Weight - 4.7 lbs. Coverage - Full Frame (Alexa LF, RED Monstro 8K, Sony Venice)
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    EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2 Cinema Lens
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$200 day
$600 week
Last Updated: Mar 18th 2020